The US may have to sacrifice combat capabilities to aid Ukraine

The Pentagon warns that it will have to choose between ensuring combat capacity and supporting Ukraine if the US Congress does not approve the aid budget.

“We have about $4.4 billion left under the President’s Authorization to Mobilize Military Resources and one billion dollars in the fund to buy replacement equipment, to offset the weapons transferred,” Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said on December 14.

Ryder affirmed that the US military still has the option to spend $4.4 billion to aid Ukraine, but this will be a difficult decision, because funds to support Ukraine are running out.

“We will have to choose between ensuring our own combat readiness or continuing to support Ukraine to maintain its combat capabilities. This is why we call on Congress to pass a supplemental budget as soon as possible, to accompany our partners and invest in the very foundation of America’s defense industry,” a Pentagon spokesman said.

The United States is still the largest military aid provider to Ukraine, with tens of billions of dollars in security aid and a continuous commitment to support Kyiv as long as necessary.

In October, President Joe Biden called on the US Congress to approve a $106 billion budget for national security, including $61 billion in aid to Ukraine and $14 billion in support for Israel.

However, this bill was blocked in the US Congress because Republicans still demand tighter control of the southern US border and want President Joe Biden’s administration to show greater responsibility with budget expenditures for foreign countries.

The opposition of hard-line Republican lawmakers has raised doubts about the ability of the United States to maintain aid as Ukraine prepares for its second winter of hostilities.