The US is considering selling 45,000 tank artillery rounds to Israel
Israeli armor and tanks in the Gaza Strip on November 7. Photo: Reuters

President Biden is lobbying the US Congress to approve a contract to sell 45,000 tank shells to Israel for use in the campaign in the Gaza Strip.

A US official and a former official said on December 8 that US President Joe Biden’s administration is asking Congress to approve a contract to sell artillery shells to Israel worth more than 500 million USD for this country to use for vehicles. Merkava tanks are participating in the operation in the Gaza Strip.

The contract to sell 45,000 tank artillery shells is in addition to Mr. Biden’s previous proposal to supplement the national security budget of $110.5 billion with aid to Ukraine and Israel.

According to Josh Paul, former spokesman for the US State Department, the agency is urging the Foreign Affairs Committees of both houses of the US Congress to approve the deal quickly.

“The committees received the proposal related to Israel earlier this week and are expected to consider the issue within 20 days,” Mr. Paul said. “The US State Department is urging the committees to approve it.”

President Biden’s administration is considering using emergency privileges in the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) to advance 13,000 of the above 45,000 tank artillery shells to Israel without consulting the US Congress. , a country official said.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) Director Louis Charbonneau warned that the US risks being seen as “collusion in war crimes” if it provides weapons for Israel to “collectively punish Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip.”

On December 6, the US Senate blocked the $110.5 billion budget bill, with some lawmakers worried that the US supports Israel’s “inhumane military strategy” against Palestinians.

President Biden in October called on the US Congress to approve a $106 billion budget for national security, which tied $61 billion in aid to Ukraine with $14 billion in support for Israel in its return campaign. Hamas chopsticks. The US House of Representatives in November only approved aid to Israel.