The US has no plan to maintain weapons transferred to Ukraine
US Abrams tanks (left) and Bradley armored vehicles deployed in Poland in November 2022. Photo: US Army

The Pentagon has no plans to maintain the series of armored tanks and Patriot missiles donated to Ukraine, threatening their long-term operation.

The Office of Inspector General of the US Department of Defense on February 20 published two reports on the strategy and ability to maintain operations of 31 Abrams tanks, 375 Bradley and Stryker armored vehicles, and a number of air defense missile systems. Patriot will receive aid from this country to Ukraine in 2023.

“Inspector General Robert Storch found that the Pentagon has not yet developed a plan to maintain this series of weapons. The Ukrainian army will not be able to ensure their operation without appropriate support, including ensuring resources.” supplies of spare parts and ammunition,” the report said.

Mr. Storch warned that the US Department of Defense hastily transferring armored vehicles and anti-aircraft missiles without a comprehensive maintenance plan will threaten the combat capacity of the Ukrainian armed forces, as well as cause difficulties for the military. US team is making efforts to respond to security threats.

In the report, a senior US Army official admitted that continuously withdrawing weapons stocks to transfer to Kyiv could force Washington to “choose to maintain aid to Ukraine or meet the minimum combat readiness requirements of the countries”. American unit”.

“The Pentagon is looking to develop a maintenance plan, but the lack of preparation is worrying and needs to be fixed immediately,” said the US Department of Defense Inspector General.

Ukrainian officials have not commented on the information.

The United States is still the largest military aid provider to Ukraine, with tens of billions of dollars in security aid and a continuous commitment to support Kyiv as long as necessary. However, opposition from hard-line Republican lawmakers has raised doubts about the ability to maintain US aid as Ukraine prepares to enter a third year of hostilities.