The US Air Force is going to write off 250 aircraft at Once: F-15, A-10 and even F-22 with B-2

In the budget request for the 2025 fiscal year, the US Air Force plans to write off 250 aircraft at once, as evidenced by the draft budget of the US Ministry of Defense totaling $849.8 billion. According to the report, in total, the US Air Force should write off 205 combat, 34 transport and 22 training aircraft.

The US Air Force is going to write off 250 aircraft at once

Among them are 65 Boeing F-15C/D fighters from the 80s, which are going to be replaced by the F-15EX. It is also planned to send 26 strike F-15Es of the first versions, which are newer than C/D but use F110-PW-220 engines instead of F110-PW-229.

Also, it is planned to immediately send 56 A-10 attack aircraft for decommissioning, the decommissioning of which has been stalled by Congress for quite some time, despite all the efforts of the Pentagon to reduce the fleet of these machines.

The fifth-generation F-22 Block 20 fighters, whose fate also resembles the A-10, are also planned for the aircraft fleet. The American military says that in the old version of Block 20, the plane cannot perform a full list of combat missions, and the cost of an hour of flight is as much as 75 thousand dollars. At the same time, Congress does not even want to hear about it and has been rejecting the Pentagon’s proposal for two years in a row.

Among other combat aircraft, the number of which is not specified, there is an F-16C/D. Among others, there are relatively few and little-known aircraft, such as the EC-130H Compass Call aircraft and the E-11 air communication node.

In addition, even one B-2 stealth bomber, of which a total of 21 units were built, should be written off. Among other types of combat aircraft, the HH-60G Pave Hawk – the search-and-rescue version of the UH-60 Black Hawk – stood out.

The US Air Force is going to write off 250 aircraft at once
EC-130H Compass Call

Among the military transport aircraft in the US Air Force, 34 units of the C-130H, MC-130, C-135R/T tanker, and CV-22B convertibles will be cut. And by 22 training aircraft, we mean all Raytheon T-1 Jayhawks.

The US Air Force is going to write off 250 aircraft at once
T-1 Jayhawk

At the moment, these are only plans that still need to be approved by Congress, but the situation is not very positive. So far, he has not been able to approve the current budget, and since October 2023 (the financial year in the USA has been shifted), there has been no budget in the USA. Because of this, the Pentagon has still not received funding for new weapons programs that were supposed to start in fiscal year 2024, including increased ammunition production.

Such a mechanism has already been called one of the two backup ways of supporting Ukraine with weapons without an approved budget in the USA. But it is significant that in the Air Force aircraft are usually written off due to exhaustion of resources.