Anti-ship missiles are guided missiles meant to attack ships and big boats. Most anti-ship missiles are of the sea-skimming form, and many employ inertial and active radar homing.

Many additional anti-ship missiles utilize infrared homing to track the heat radiated by a ship; it is also possible for anti-ship missiles to be entirely directed by radio command.

The top anti-ship missiles in the world

American AGM-84A “Harpoon” anti-ship missile

American AGM-84A "Harpoon" anti-ship missile

Range: 11-110 km

Speed: Mach 0.75

South Korea’s SSM-700K “Sea Star” anti-ship missile

South Korea's SSM-700K "Sea Star" anti-ship missile

Range: 150-320 km

Speed: Mach 0.85

French “Flying Fish” anti-ship missile

Range: 4-45 km

Speed: Mach 0.82

Swedish RBS-15 anti-ship missile

Range: 70 km

Speed: Mach 0.9

US “Tomahawk” U/RGM-109 anti-ship version

US "Tomahawk" U/RGM-109 anti-ship version

Range: 550 km

Speed: Mach 0.75

Norwegian NSM (Naval Strike Missile) anti-ship missile

Range: 200 km

Speed: Mach 0.95

Russian P-800 anti-ship missile

The Top anti-ship missiles in the world

Range: 120-300 km

Speed: Mach 2-2.6

Russian “Club” 3M-54E anti-ship missile

Russian "Club" 3M-54E anti-ship missile

Cruising Speed: Mach 0.8

End penetration speed: Mach 2.5-2.9

Russian P-700 anti-ship missile

Russian P-700 anti-ship missile

Range: 550 km

Cruising Speed: Mach 1.6

China’s “Eagle Strike” 18 anti-ship missile


Range: 220km-540km

Cruising Speed: Mach 0.8

End penetration speed: Mach 2.5-3