The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

As the king of land warfare, the rocket launcher has always been world-famous for its powerful “violent aesthetics,” and the scene of the rocket launcher hitting the target is even more shocking. 

So what do you know about the strongest rocket launchers in the world? The following will bring you the ranking of the world’s top ten most powerful rocket launchers.

10. Russian “Hurricane” rocket launcher

The “Hurricane” rocket launcher has a long history, being equipped and used by the Soviet Army as early as the 1970s. It features 16 independent launch tubes arranged in a 4-6-6 configuration. Operated by a team of 4 engineers, this rocket launcher has a barrel diameter of 220mm. 

The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

It can fire 16 shells in a salvo within just 20 seconds and carry up to 368 mines simultaneously. With a maximum range of 34 kilometers, the “Hurricane” rocket launcher has proven to be a powerful weapon, capable of covering a combat area within 15 kilometers in just 15 minutes. Its performance and firepower make it a significant asset for the Russian Army.

9. Brazil “Astros 2” rocket launcher

The “Astros 2” rocket launcher, developed by Avibras Aerospace in Brazil in 1983, stands at the ninth position. Its distinctive feature lies in its active component structure configuration, allowing for on-demand switching between different launch modes to meet wartime requirements. 

The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

It offers three modes: 127mm 32-tube, 180mm 16-tube, and 4-tube 300mm. The range can be adjusted between 30 kilometers and 60 kilometers based on the number of launch tubes used. 

The diverse barrel calibers enable the use of various ammunition types, including SS40 and SS60 rockets, as well as sub-munitions and white phosphorus bombs. The “Astros” rocket launcher showcases exceptional firepower capabilities, making it a notable presence in the global rocket launcher field.

8. Israeli “Lynx” rocket launcher

In eighth place, we find the Israeli “Lynx” rocket launcher, which was developed by the Israeli military in 2007. It is a lightweight multiple rocket launcher known for its high precision and cost-effectiveness. Utilizing a network design, the “Lynx” launcher performs precise ballistic calculations and ammunition identification, showcasing advanced technological capabilities.

The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

Its lightweight nature allows for air transportation, enabling rapid support in combat missions. The “Lynx” launcher can utilize rockets ranging from 122mm to 300mm, including Russian Hail series rockets and precision rockets developed by the Israeli military industry.

Additionally, it can be equipped with two road-based “Delilah”-GL surface-to-surface cruise missiles, extending its range to 250 kilometers. Equipped with a GPS navigation system, the “Lynx” launcher can correct trajectory and achieve a target accuracy within a 10-meter gap. 

This formidable rocket launcher is exclusively used by the Israeli “Wild Boy” special forces, benefitting from sophisticated equipment and highly skilled operators.

7. American M270 rocket launcher

The American M270 rocket launcher is a powerful weapon system widely used by the United States Army. It features a self-propelled design with a rocket launcher, body chassis, and fire control system. With its 6 linked rocket launchers, it can deploy and launch a variety of tactical missiles, providing a formidable strike capability.

The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

The M270 has an astonishing range of 300 kilometers and is equipped with a GPS guidance system for improved accuracy. Despite having fewer launch tubes than other rocket launchers, its maneuverability, range, and precision make it a highly effective and reliable asset in modern warfare.

6. American M142 rocket launcher

The American M142 rocket launcher is in sixth place, a self-propelled rocket developed by Lockheed Martin. It consists of a rocket launcher, body chassis, and fire control system. With 6 linked rocket launchers and equipped with army tactical missiles, it boasts an impressive range of 300 kilometers. The missile body is equipped with a GPS guidance system, enhancing both flight speed and strike accuracy.

The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

The M142 rocket launcher weighs only 10 tons, making it highly maneuverable and capable of quickly supporting and moving between battlefields, adding uncertainty to the war situation. Although it only has 6 launch tubes, limiting its firepower compared to world-class standards, it excels in maneuverability, strike accuracy, and range.

5. Russian “tornado” rocket launcher

The Russian “Tornado” rocket launcher takes fifth place, also known as the 9K58 rocket. Independently developed and manufactured by Rosoboronexport, it was first commissioned by the Russian Army in 1987. 

The “Tornado” rocket launcher is the largest caliber rocket launcher in active service in Russia, featuring a launch caliber of 300mm. This advanced rocket launcher system surpasses similar ones in terms of range, firepower efficiency, and enemy armored equipment destruction. 

The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

It offers various combat modes, including incendiary submunition warheads, anti-tank submunition mines, and air bomb warheads. Equipped with 12 directional launch tubes, it achieves a maximum range of nearly 100 kilometers. 

In full-fire mode, all 12 tubes can launch ammunition within just 36 seconds. With the PG series panoramic sights, the accuracy is greatly enhanced. 

It can utilize different types of bombs, such as incendiary and explosive double rockets. Notably, when using specific improved ammunition, its firepower coverage area reaches an impressive 680,000 square meters. 

India purchased 36 sets of “Tornado” rockets from Russia for 450 million US dollars to address the Kashmir border conflict, highlighting its outstanding combat performance.

4. Belarus “Polonaise” rocket launcher

Speaking of this rocket launcher, we have to mention China’s A-200 rocket launcher. The “Polonaise” rocket launcher is a long-range rocket launcher jointly developed by Belarus and China. The launch system it is equipped with is on the Chinese A-200

The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

The “Polonaise” rocket launcher has a caliber of 310 mm and can be equipped with M-20 tactical missiles. And equipped with inertial guidance and GPS guidance systems, the maximum range is increased to 200 kilometers, and the accuracy is controlled within 30 meters. These performances alone have completely surpassed the “tornado,” and it is also one of the best global rocket launchers.

 3. Condor 400 guided rocket launcher

In third place, we have the Condor 400 guided rocket launcher, named after its impressive range of 400 kilometers. Its primary purpose is to strike important targets located behind enemy lines at medium and long distances. Equipped with a new ground-to-ground long-range strike controllable rocket system, it offers a wide range of combat mode options due to its ability to load various types of ammunition. The use of an inertial navigation system combined with an active radar guidance system significantly enhances its target accuracy. 

The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

Notably, it can be equipped with the BP-12A tactical missile, an improved version of the Dongfeng 11. It is known for its exceptional performance in the Gulf War, surpassing interception by the United States. The Condor 400’s range and missile power make it a formidable and fearsome weapon.

2. Chinese “Guardian 2D” rocket launcher

In the second place, we find the Chinese “Guardian 2D” rocket launcher, a joint improvement by China Precision Machinery Corporation and Sichuan Aerospace Industry based on the “Guardian 2” model. With just six rocket launch tubes, each with a diameter of 425mm, it possesses significant deterrence capabilities. Compared to the “Guardian 2,” its range is doubled, reaching an impressive 480 kilometers. 

The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

The complete rocket system comprises a launch, loading, command, and communication vehicle. It boasts the world’s largest caliber and range. Rockets are launched using an inclined launch method. 

In addition to traditional high-explosive bombs, it can also launch small drones. The bomb body can carry up to three small drones, which are released in a designated area to autonomously search for radar signals of the target to be attacked, ensuring precision strikes.

 It also features the ability to switch between six different warheads to meet various tactical requirements. With a rocket speed of Mach 5.8, it can inflict devastating damage on crucial targets such as enemy military bases and armored equipment. Although this rocket launcher is powerful, it is not the strongest in China, as we will see in the next ranking.

1. PCH-191 box-type rocket launcher

And finally, in the first place, we have the PCH-191 box-type rocket launcher, also known as the “Box Fire.” It is a highly advanced modular ammunition design developed and improved by Chinese military units based on the AR3 rocket launcher system. 

The launcher offers different combat modes, including two sets of 5-tube 300mm rockets and two sets of 4-tube 370mm rockets. Its most powerful feature is the inclusion of two 750mm surface-to-surface tactical missiles. Equipping such large-caliber missiles challenges traditional perceptions of rocket launchers.

The Top 10 most powerful rocket launchers in the world.

The loaded ordinary rockets have a maximum range of 350 kilometers, while the loaded missiles can reach up to 600 kilometers, rivaling short-range tactical missiles. The fire control system combines inertial guidance and the “Beidou” guidance system, ensuring strike accuracy within 15 meters.

The PCH-191 rocket launcher is highly modernized, and the modularity of its ammunition enables quick reloading, allowing for swift support and repositioning within minutes. This greatly enhances the launcher’s maneuverability and survivability. The introduction of this rocket launcher catapults China to a higher level of strength in the field, surpassing the achievements of the Soviet Union and Russia.