Skynex Air Defense System UAV Hunter

The complexity of modern warfare has led to increased demand for short and very short-range air defense systems. Unmanned aerial vehicles and precision-guided weapons are being developed to be smaller, faster, and more flexible than ever before.

Protecting against these dangers requires highly advanced air defense systems. Since its release in November 2021, Germany’s Rheinmetall Skynex Air Defense System has been widely hailed for its cutting-edge automation and effectiveness.

Rheinmetall Defense has recently announced the shipment of two Skynex mobile air defense weapon systems to an undisclosed international customer (as of December 9, 2022).

The customer’s air defense capabilities will be bolstered thanks to these systems. The contract is expected to be delivered in early 2024 at the cost of about €182 million.

It’s 35 mm Oerlikon Mk3 revolver gun is its Main Weapon and is tailored specifically for close air defense. Rather than more expensive guided missiles, the system can use the programmable 35mm Ahead ammunition developed by Rheinmetall.

This ammunition has the advantage of being immune to electronic countermeasures. The success of the Ukrainian-developed self-propelled Flakpanzer Gepard air defense system against close-in air targets, such as cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, demonstrates the system’s efficacy.

Skynet’s open, modular architecture allows for connecting numerous sensors and effectors, leading to a highly automated and effective system.

It is possible to configure the system for tactical and operational uses, and it is also possible to operate and command the system centrally or remotely. In addition, the Skynex is extremely mobile and can be deployed quickly.

Therefore, it can be used to protect vital infrastructure and airspace around the clock and in any weather from any conceivable aerial threat.

It is even able to detect incoming rockets, artillery and mortar shells, and very small drones and then quickly neutralize them while using the least amount of force possible.