The POF-5 Submachine Gun

The POF-5 series is a submachine gun known for its reliability and durability. The POF-5 series, also recognized as a replica of the MP5, is widely used by the Pakistani army and armed forces of various countries. In this article, we will delve into the history, manufacturing parameters, pros and cons, as well as equipment and usage of this renowned submachine gun.

History of the POF-5 Series

The origins of the POF-5 series can be traced back to the 1960s when Heckler & Koch, a German company, developed the MP5 submachine gun. This weapon quickly gained popularity and became one of the most widely used submachine guns worldwide. The Pakistan Ordnance Factory obtained the MP5 manufacturing license and commenced production of the POF-5 series to cater to the needs of the Pakistani military, police forces, and other nations’ armed forces.

The POF-5 Design and Specifications

The POF-5 series employs a 9×19mm Luger caliber and closely adheres to the design and parameters of the original MP5. Featuring a short-recoil, locked-chamber mechanism, this submachine gun is fed from a detachable magazine and can fire in both full-automatic and semi-automatic modes. With an overall length of approximately 68 cm and a weight of around 3 kg, the POF-5 is perfectly suited for close-quarters combat and specialized operations.

The POF-5 Submachine Gun

Reliability and Durability

One of the significant strengths of the POF-5 series is its remarkable reliability and durability. Constructed with high-quality materials and precision machining, the weapon can function efficiently in harsh environments and extreme conditions. Moreover, the POF-5 offers excellent accuracy and stability, allowing shooters to engage targets at close range effectively. Additionally, the gun’s maintenance is relatively simple, making it easy to operate and clean.

The POF-5 Submachine Gun

Pros and Cons

While the POF-5 series has numerous advantages, it also possesses a few limitations. First, due to its 9mm caliber, the shooting power is relatively lower compared to some larger-caliber rifles. Second, although it excels in close-range combat, its accuracy decreases at longer distances. These aspects should be taken into account while evaluating its effectiveness in different scenarios.

Equipment and Usage

The POF-5 series finds extensive use in the Pakistani army and police forces. Furthermore, it has been exported to other countries, where it serves the needs of various armed forces and law enforcement agencies. Beyond military and law enforcement applications, the POF-5 submachine gun has also gained popularity in the civilian market, being utilized for self-defense and shooting sports.


In conclusion, the POF-5 series, produced by the Pakistan Ordnance Factory, stands as a reliable and durable submachine gun. Being a replica of the MP5, it has earned its reputation for excellent performance in close-quarters combat and specialized missions. However, its shooting power limitations and reduced accuracy at longer ranges should be considered when selecting the appropriate firearm for specific situations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is the POF-5 series a clone of the MP5? Yes, the POF-5 series is essentially a replica of the MP5, following the original design and specifications.
  2. Which military forces use the POF-5 submachine gun? The Pakistani army and police forces widely adopt the POF-5 series. It is also exported to other countries for their armed forces and law enforcement agencies.
  3. Can the POF-5 submachine gun be used for self-defense? Yes, the POF-5 submachine gun is also used for self-defense purposes and shooting sports in the civilian market.
  4. What is the shooting range of the POF-5 submachine gun? The POF-5 excels in close-quarters combat and specialized operations, making it highly effective at short ranges.
  5. How does the POF-5 compare to other submachine guns in its class? The POF-5’s reliability and durability set it apart from other submachine guns in its class, making it a preferred choice for many military and law enforcement units.