The Pentagon wants to receive $6.5 billion to add weapons

A Pentagon document sent to the US Congress said the agency wanted to receive $6.5 billion to supplement and replace the weapons transferred to Ukraine.

In a document sent to the US Congress on February 24 and published by the media on March 14, the Pentagon emphasized the potential economic benefits for some states and counties related to additional weapons activities in stock.

This document is considered part of the Pentagon’s campaign to persuade the US House of Representatives to approve a $60 billion military aid package for Ukraine. The agency wants to receive $6.5 billion to replenish its inventory, replace what was shipped to Ukraine, and allow for the delivery of more weapons.

This amount of money is expected to be used to buy parts and spend on manufacturing 155 mm artillery shells, buying components for AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missiles, components for the Patriot complex, GMLRS rocket bullet parts, and bullets And anti-tank missile components and night vision equipment.

Because the bill containing military aid to Ukraine is still stuck in the US Congress, the Pentagon has not been able to add many types of military supplies, such as 155 mm artillery shells, anti-radar missiles, and night vision goggles to the arsenal.

US House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican member, announced on March 14 that he would put the additional aid bill for Ukraine to a vote in the next few weeks. This is considered a sign that the Republicans in the US House of Representatives seem to have made concessions on the issue of aid to Ukraine.

US officials on March 12 announced the latest aid package for Ukraine worth $300 million, including anti-aircraft missiles, artillery shells and personal weapon ammunition. This is the first time the US has announced military aid to Ukraine this year.

US defense officials said they saved the Pentagon’s recent purchases and came up with the above $300 million. An official commented that this aid package is relatively small to provide Ukraine with the minimum things it needs in a short time.

While the Ukrainian army is running out of ammunition, Russian forces have recently made progress on the battlefield. US intelligence warned Ukraine that “time is running out,” stating that “the deadlock on the battlefield gives Russia a strategic military advantage and is increasingly evolving in their favor.”

According to RT, Reuters, AFP