The NH90 helicopter is presented at the World Defense Show 2024 in Saudi Arabia.

NHIndustries is presenting its advanced NH90 helicopter in its naval version, the NFH, at the World Defense Show, which takes place from February 4 to 8 in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).

This major aerospace and defense gathering in the Middle East highlights the NH90’s considerable capabilities in maritime operations, underlining the aircraft’s role in the Qatar Emirate Air Force (QEAF).

The NFH variant, designed for compact maritime operations, is a testament to the collaborative efforts of its partner companies: Airbus, Fokker and Leonardo. It has been designed to perform optimally in a variety of domains and maritime operational scenarios, including anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW), from both coastal bases and warships, in all conditions.

The versatility of the NH90 NFH goes beyond war. The size of its cabin and its modular equipment make it very capable in search and rescue operations, maritime surveillance, airborne early warning and logistical support, among other functions. 

This adaptability makes the NH90 a critical asset in modern naval operations, capable of performing a broad spectrum of tasks, from vertical resupply to special operations, counter-terrorism and counter-piracy.

The NH90 helicopter is presented at the World Defense Show 2024 in Saudi Arabia.

Qatar’s fleet, which includes 17 helicopters of NFH and TTH (land-based) variants, has accumulated more than 2,500 flight hours since December 2021, boasting an impressive average maintenance rate of more than 80% unlike Australians who have politically decided to get rid of them. 

This achievement of utility of Qatari helicopters is due in part to a strategic cooperation with Leonardo, which supports training and maintenance operations in Qatar, ensuring the operational availability and efficiency of the fleet.

Fernando Valduga