C-Dome system.

The Naval Version of the Iron Dome Israel successfully tests C-DOME.

The C-DOME Naval Iron Dome system was successfully tested for interception by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the Israeli Navy, and the Israeli Ministry of Defense, according to a statement released by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

 The C-DOME naval variant of Rafael’s IRON DOME air defense system. It is controlled by the Sa’ar 6 “Magen” class corvette INS “Oz,” a missile carrier.

The INS “Oz” corvette, the second of four cutting-edge vessels delivered to the Israeli Navy in the past two years, served as the test bed for the interception system.

The C-DOME system complements the Israeli Navy’s defense capabilities, being an additional layer of the State of Israel’s multi-layered air and missile defense matrix based on four operational defense pillars:

Defense Minister Benny Gantz remarked that “the operationalization of the C-DOME system is a key milestone for the naval defense capabilities of the State of Israel.”

Interception tests of the IRON DOME system were completed in Israel and the United States in 2017.

Israel has developed a real maritime force in recent years. Something also emphasized by the Deputy Commander-in-Chief and Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Guy Goldfarb: 

“The operationalization of the Sa’ar 6 class corvettes is taking place at a record speed: the C-DOME system from aboard the INS “Oz” corvette, and recently we operationalized the INS “Magen” corvette, which completed its first operational activity – patrolling the Exclusive Economic Zone of the State of Israel and the protection of our economic and strategic assets.”