The loose proliferation of civilian firearms in North American states is well known to the world. However, among those various types of guns, pneumatic firearms powered by high-pressure gas still occupy a certain market share, although the latter is not mattered in terms of range or power.

 They are all quite different from the former, but they correspond to the saying, “radish and green vegetables, each has its own love.” There are air rifles or pistols with small recoil, low noise, and no muzzle fireworks, and there are many supporters.

The muzzle velocity is 310 meters per second

Although Kral Arms from Turkey is not a local company in North America, according to its products’ performance, quality, and design concept, it can be regarded as an influential manufacturer even if you look at the entire Western PCP field. 

Since the company’s products gained a firm foothold in North America, it has launched a variety of excellent or even classic air-operated firearms, among which is the Reximex throne air rifle with a sturdy and cool appearance like a sci-fi weapon.

Reximex throne air rifles can be divided into three different models: 4.5mm, 5.5mm, and 6.35mm, according to the barrel caliber and length. In terms of overall length, the shortest gun type is only about 750mm, and the longest is no more than The overall length is 850 mm. 

The muzzle velocity is 310 meters per second

As for the gun’s overall weight will not exceed 3.75 kg even when the gas tank is fully loaded. This semi-automatic air rifle uses a 425 cc aluminum alloy or 480 cc carbon fiber air tank as a power source. The rated pressure of the air tank is 250 bar, and each time it is inflated, it can shoot at least thirty times continuously.

The ammunition used in this Reximex throne air rifle can be divided into 10, 12, and 14 rounds of prototype magazines according to the different projectile calibers. The gun uses a 58cm alloy steel barrel with a 1/2UNF thread on the top of the barrel, which can be used to connect various muzzle suppressors and external silencers. 

The gun also has a Regulator & Hammer adjustment system, which can maintain the same output working age for each shot, and the user can adjust it according to the target and actual needs. Under normal circumstances, the gun has a maximum initial velocity of 310 m/s when firing.

The muzzle velocity is 310 meters per second

The Reximex Throne semi-automatic air rifle receiver is also equipped with a rail mounting base, which can be installed with an 11mm dovetail or 22mm Picatinny. Users can install corresponding optical or red dot sights according to actual needs. Below the air rifle, there is also a shorter 22 mm rail for mounting accessories such as bipods, laser pointers, or tactical lights. 

The length of the gun’s buttstock can be adjusted according to the user’s own conditions, and there is a polymer cushion at the end of the buttstock to offset the recoil force that is not very large.