The moment of truth for Netanyahu

Netanyahu is a controversial leader, mainly due to the left’s inability to accept a successful leader who does not belong to their camp.

However, in reality and objectively, he is a successful leader who successfully managed the complicated ship of the State of Israel for most of his term. He managed to take the country to new heights in the economic sphere, maintained a security reality much better than that of his predecessors, in whose time terrorists blew themselves up in the streets daily, and did not give in (almost) to the external pressures that They threatened our existence.

However, with all this, there was a significant negative trait: the desire to maintain the status quo despite great failures. He succeeded the Oslo Accords, which he had criticized but continued them and certainly did not reverse them. Only with Operation Protective Edge, which did not occur during his tenure and at a terrible cost, did we manage to largely reverse the Oslo process.

It followed the expulsion of Gush Katif, whom he had also criticized, but he continued to consolidate the situation and did not take advantage of several opportunities to change it, such as during Operation Protective Edge. Here, too, we face a disaster even greater than that of the Oslo war and an operation that could have become an existential threat if it had been carried out on several fronts simultaneously.

Netanyahu, therefore, displays a problematic pattern: warning about moves dangerous to our security but leaving them in place and fearing making significant changes after becoming Prime Minister.

And now we find ourselves at a terrible crossroads, the magnitude of which is uncertain. The occupation and cleansing of the Gaza Strip is currently a rare and incredibly broad consensus, but a heavy cloud hangs over it: what will happen the day after?

And here lies a terrible danger: if, after the tragedy we have suffered, this war, God forbid, become a springboard to promote the dangerous idea of ​​a Palestinian state, the danger of which today is clear to everyone and is nothing less than existential.

Will this terrible moment of explosion, in which the delirious Oslo Accords collapsed in an atrocious massacre, really lead to its advancement and the reactivation of the “Final Solution” that Hamas and the PLO intend for us? Clearly, handing over power in Gaza to the Palestinian Authority or any Palestinian entity after the war would be a terrible step in this direction.

Here is a moment that Netanyahu does not really appreciate: a moment of decision and change of the status quo, or a proclamation of total control over Gaza, a massive Jewish settlement (far beyond the modest settlement in Gush Katif) and the elimination of the Palestinian state of the agenda.

Or, God forbid, the continuation of the drag, which will inevitably lead to constant pressure that will push us towards that dangerous movement.

So the Oslo slope and the evacuation of settlements in Judea and Samaria will also be swift and urgent, and recent events have even taught our enemies how Israel can be destroyed, only this time from several fronts simultaneously.

By the way, it is important to pay attention to another area where we did not correct the Oslo mistake. Also, in northern Samaria, we are paying the price for not reestablishing Jewish settlements, and it is clear that a military presence without settlements, such as that between Nablus and Jenin, does not bring security but rather continuous unrest. Netanyahu also warned of withdrawal but did not correct the situation after taking office.

Netanyahu should resign after the war, as would be fairly expected of someone under whose watch such a terrible disaster occurred, but he will still have the authority to at least provide direction to the day after the war.

Consequently, a gloomy cloud hangs over his legacy: will he be remembered as someone who promoted settlements, prevented withdrawals and preserved Israel from further deterioration in the Oslo disaster, even as he failed in Gaza? Or, just before the end of his term, will everything collapse and the Oslo disaster resurface, threatening our existence?