The F-35: Pillar of Economic and National Security for the United States

With the existence of global challenges, the defensive power of the United States and its industrial development depend on projects like the F-35. This modern aircraft not only protects security but also the economy of the country.

The critical role of the F-35 in the US Economy

The economic security of the United States counts on the F-35 as a pillar. This aircraft supports around 300,000 high-tech and advanced manufacturing jobs. Additionally, it supports close to 1,000 small supplier companies within the country, directly impacting the lives of workers and their families.

The F-35: Pillar of Economic and National Security for the United States

The global economic effect produced by the F-35, both direct and indirect, exceeds 72,000 million dollars annually, a number greater than the GDP of Rhode Island. This data illustrates its economic impact and relevance in the nation’s business and labor fabric.

The Gentex Corporation is an example of this. As a supplier in the F-35 supply chain, the company is an integral part of one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated supply chains. The components that are manufactured for this advanced fifth-generation fighter are essential to its operation and efficiency on the battlefield.

Congressional support is essential.

Supplier companies like Gentex Corporation continue to face challenges due to inflation and the tight labor market. Congress needs to make efforts to secure policy and budget investments that strengthen America’s defense industrial base.

Congress has a responsibility to address these problems urgently. This starts with ensuring strong funding for critical defense programs that support the country’s industrial base. One of the first actions should be to fund the F-35 fully.

The US defense industrial base has experienced a remarkable decline in recent years. Industrial readiness indicators show a reduction in the number of workers, companies, and in defense funding. Addressing these challenges is crucial to the nation’s security and economic prosperity.

The F-35 as a pillar of national security

The F-35 also plays an important role in the United States national security. Its effectiveness as a deterrent, its advanced sensors and its low visibility are characteristics that make it very attractive to the country’s allies and partners.

The United States will soon have an updated version of the F-35, the Block 4, equipped with even more advanced capabilities to ensure the country stays ahead against any adversary.