The eighth Type 055 destroyer officially enters service in the PLA Navy.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy has just commissioned the Xianyang, the eighth large 10,000-ton Type 055-class destroyer. All eight warships of this class have already entered service with the Chinese Navy. 

The PLA Navy’s Type 055 Xianyang (hull number 108) guided-missile destroyer has departed from a PLA Southern Theater Command naval port to carry out the latest combat training mission.

In March 2023, the destroyer Xianyang, China’s last Type 055 The Xianyang, the last destroyer of the Type 055 class in the PLA Navy of China, formally entered service in March 2023. The destroyer Xianyang is so well-equipped that it can complete missions independently and act as a “mighty guard” in task formations with aircraft carriers.

On January 12, 2020, China’s first Type 055 guided missile destroyer, Nanchang, entered service in the PLA Navy. Over the past three years, the 10,000-ton Type 055 family of destroyers has been expanding. 

So far, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy has officially commissioned eight types of 055 guided missile destroyers, namely: destroyer Nanchang (hull 101), destroyer Anshan (hull 103), destroyer Lhasa (hull 102), destroyer Wuxi (hull 104), destroyer Dalian (hull 105), destroyer Zunyi (hull 107) and destroyer Xianyang (hull 108), destroyer Yan’an (hull 106).

Compared to its predecessor, the Type 055 destroyer features a larger platform, more equipment and greater self-sufficiency and can stay at sea longer. Also, it can achieve full gas turbine propulsion and sail faster. In addition, its 130mm main gun is also capable of long-range strikes against sea and land targets, and its command and control and information acquisition capabilities have been greatly enhanced.

They will play vital roles in safeguarding China’s sovereignty, security, territorial integrity and development interests.

Over the past three years, Type 055s have participated in training in distant waters in regions such as the Yellow Sea, Sea of ​​Japan, Bering Sea, Philippine Sea, East China Sea, and South China Sea. According to observers, they have also been part of the aircraft carrier groups of the People’s Liberation Army Navy.

The Type 055 destroyer’s vertical launch system has a larger payload, longer range, and greater ability to coordinate with air defense operations. 

Coordination between air and ground troops allows for more efficient detection, command, and countermeasure operations, as well as a broader selection of available assets and lower resource and performance requirements.

The Type 055 heavy destroyer is a massive vessel that can carry more supplies and remain at sea for longer than its predecessors. 

It can also navigate faster thanks to its combined gas and gasoline propulsion system, said Liu Shenghai, head of Yan’an’s mechanical and electrical department, CCTV reported.

The Type 055’s 130-millimeter caliber naval gun, large missile-carrying capacity, integrated radio frequency system and anti-submarine weapon system give this warship exceptional combat capabilities, according to CCTV citing Type 055 sailors. 

According to observers, Type 055 has a displacement of almost 12,000 tons, a 112-cell vertical launch missile system, and excellent situational awareness.

In addition, the Type 055 destroyer is also equipped with an integrated radio frequency (RF) system that can uniformly process the information collected by all sensors, providing clearer and farther vision than before, providing improved operational efficiency in a complex electromagnetic environment. , significantly improving low-altitude detection capabilities and allowing sufficient time for a terminal defense.

In addition, the Type 055 destroyer’s anti-submarine weapon system can currently carry various types of torpedoes, which possess increased combat capability, longer attack range, and higher hit rates compared to the previous generation of destroyers.

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