The joint efforts of the three Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia – to jointly develop their defense capabilities are the guarantor of security in the region. For that reason, the joint procurements aimed at increasing the defensive capability of the three Baltic States focus on several priority areas in mind: 

The three countries have agreed to purchase and jointly integrate the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) into their existing military strategies.

After this, an integrated air and missile defense system will be purchased, the Maritime Situational Awareness capability for the joint defense of the three Baltic countries will be developed, ammunition stocks will be increased, and the Security Forces will be strengthened. 

More areas have been identified for potential Baltic joint takeovers in recent years. These include ammunition and modular medical capability, and the list is constantly being updated. 

Another area of ​​Baltic cooperation is finding ways to jointly replenish defense capability stocks needed as a result of supporting Ukraine and other challenges related to the defense industry.

Joint acquisition of the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System

Lithuania and Estonia signed the HIMARS acquisition agreement with the United States at the end of 2022, and Latvia is scheduled to do the same this year.

The first deliveries to the Baltic countries are scheduled for 2025. The Baltic states also actively negotiate with the United States on HIMARS integration elements, such as personnel training, maintenance, and sustainment.

The contract signed for the acquisition of the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) covers the acquisition of 8 launchers with live and blank ammunition, including different types and pods of guided missiles with combat characteristics, for example, the systems ATACMS army tactical missile with an effective range of 300 km.

Lithuania also procures system maintenance and training equipment, personnel training services, system integration, and connection to the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defense System (NATINAMDS).

The estimated value of the deal is about $495 million. The United States Government will place the order with the main contractor for sale, the American company Lockheed Martin.

The purchased artillery rocket system is interoperable with the other technologies employed by the Lithuanian Armed Forces, making it easier to incorporate into existing defense plans and increasing deterrence as a result.

Other joint acquisitions in the Baltic

In 2021, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia signed a long-term Carl Gustav anti-tank ammunition procurement contract. Lithuania allocates approximately 52 million euros to acquiring anti-tank ammunition of this type. Orders are updated annually.

At the end of 2022, Lithuania and Estonia partnered to sign two joint procurement contracts for ammunition and medical equipment (ROLE1 and ROLE2). 

As a result of the ongoing procurement procedure and pending signature, Lithuania will procure medical equipment worth approximately €20 million and ammunition worth approximately €60 million.

Another ongoing project in the negotiation phase is the acquisition of patrol boats together with Latvia. The preliminary part of Lithuania in the possible acquisition amounts to about 20 million euros.

Procurement for the Lithuanian Armed Forces in 2023

The Defense Material Agency, under the Ministry of Defense, has plans for the organization and execution or coordination of acquisitions worth 753 million euros in 2023.

The main projects to strengthen the capacity of the Lithuanian Armed Forces this year are: — medium-range air defense systems (phase II),

– Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense MSHORAD mobile short-range air defense systems, — Portable and mobile tactical electronic warfare systems,

–micro UAV systems,

–submachine guns.

In addition to the new ones, there are the key projects, the strategic acquisitions to improve the combat power of the Lithuanian Armed Forces that are already underway.