The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.

The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.

Many nations’ naval forces have relied on aircraft carriers since their inception at the turn of the 20th century. Many analysts feel that aircraft carriers are becoming outdated due to technological improvements and the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles.

However, aircraft carriers will remain in service for the time being. Modern technology has made aircraft carriers increasingly capable of protecting themselves and thwarting aerial threats like missiles and hostile aircraft before they can even reach their target.

Let us take a look at The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.

1. Fujian (also known as the Type 003)

The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.

This will be the third aircraft carrier of the Chinese aircraft carrier program and the first of the Type3 class. Fuan was launched on June 17, 2022, and is currently fitting out as of January 2024.

It is China’s first catapult-assisted takeoff barrier-arrested recovery aircraft carrier with a fully indigenous design and integrated propulsion system. It has three electromagnetic catapults.

Unlike the ski jump flight decks of the previous Chinese aircraft carriers, the carrier’s displacement is expected to be similar to the unfinished 885,000-ton Soviet aircraft carrier Ulyanovsk and the United States Navy’s 100,000-ton supercarriers. The Chinese Navy’s first supercarrier is almost ready for trials.

2. Type 004

The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.
Type 004

In 2017, China’s central government was reportedly ready to send $3.3 billion for the development of two prototype molten salt nuclear reactors. The goal then was to have the reactors operational by 2020.

The Type4 aircraft carrier is a planned supercarrier that will likely have a displacement of up to 110,000 tons and will carry aircraft up to 100. It is intended to be an iteration of the preceding Type 003 aircraft carrier and, like the Type 003, will feature integrated electric propulsion that will allow the operation of electromagnetic catapults.

Unlike the conventionally powered Type 003, the Type 004 will be much larger and also the first Chinese aircraft carrier to feature nuclear marine propulsion. It could generate enough electricity to power laser weapons and rail guns.


The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.
PANG Aircraft Carrier Design

The French Navy is currently making plans for a new-generation aircraft carrier, which will also serve as their new flagship. This aircraft carrier, known as PANG, will replace the current French aircraft carrier, the nuclear-powered Charles de Gaulle, which was commissioned on the 18th of May, 2001 and is currently the only aircraft carrier in service with the French Navy.

The Charles de Gaulle requires regular maintenance, which renders France without an available aircraft carrier at times. The PANG is expected to begin construction around 2031 and is projected to enter service in 2038, the same year that Charles de Gaulle is scheduled to retire. The new aircraft carrier will feature a nuclear-powered engine and an electromagnetic aircraft launch catapult system.


The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.
INS VIshal

The Indian Navy has planned to build a new aircraft carrier, also known as Indigenous Aircraft Carrier 3 or IAC 3. Cochin Shipyard Limited will construct this carrier. This will be the third aircraft carrier to be built in India after INS Vikrant and another Vikrant class aircraft carrier.

The proposed design of this class will feature significant changes from the Grant class, such as an increased size and displacement. The carrier is being considered to be equipped with an electromagnetic aircraft launch system (EMALS) C-bar system. INS Vishal will be similar in appearance to the English HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier.

The carrier’s displacement will range between 45,000 tons and 65,000 tons. It will have the capacity to accommodate up to 55 unmanned aircraft.

5. Trieste: Italian Aircraft Carrier

The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.

Trieste is a multi-role amphibious unit of the Italian Navy, officially classified as Landing Helicopter Dock. It will be the largest vessel in the Italian Fleet. The innovative design of Trieste is inspired by the style adopted by the British Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.

The 245-meter vessel has a flight deck length of 230 meters and a width of 36 meters, with a total of nine spots for aircraft. The displacement will be approximately 32,300 tons, and it is under sea trials. Trieste also features a ski jump on the flight deck to facilitate the takeoff of short takeoff and vertical landing aircraft for F-35B aircraft, as reported in the technical specifications.

6. USS John F Kennedy (CVN 79)

The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.
USS John F Kennedy

The carrier will be the second Gerald R. Ford class built for the US Navy. The underdeveloped ship will be 337 meters in length and 100,000 tons in displacement. USS John F. Kennedy incorporates more than 23 new technologies comprising dramatic advances in propulsion, power generation, ordinance handling, and aircraft launch systems.

These innovations will support a 33% higher sortie generation rate at significant cost savings when compared to the Nimitz class carriers. The new technology and war-fighting capabilities that John F. Kennedy brought to the fleet will transform Naval Warfare, supporting a more capable and lethal forward-deployed US Naval presence in an emerging era of great power competition. CVN 79 will serve as the most agile and lethal combat platform globally.

7. USS Enterprise (CVN 80)

The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.
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The ship will be the third Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier to be built for the United States Navy. USS Enterprise (CVN 80) is the third aircraft carrier to bear the name, and it is scheduled to be in operation by 2028.

USS Enterprise is the first aircraft carrier completely designed and built through digital platforms. USS Enterprise will replace the current Nimitz class USS Dwight Eisenhower by 2025. Components from the decommissioned USS Enterprise (CVN 65) will be used in the construction of CVN 80.

As of August 2022, approximately 20,000 pounds of steel from CVN 65 has been salvaged and recycled for inclusion into CVN 80, with another 15,000 pounds still to be processed for a total of 35,000 pounds.

8. USS Doris Miller (CVN 81)

The 8 Upcoming Aircraft Carriers in the World.
USS Doris Miller

The USS Doris Miller (CVN 81) will be the fourth Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. Doris Miller is scheduled to be laid down in January 2026, launched in October 2029, and commissioned in 2032. The ship was named after Doris Miller, who received the Navy Cross for his actions during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The length and displacement of Doris Miller will be the same as the previous two Gerald R. Ford classes mentioned earlier. USS Doris Miller will be the premier forward asset for crisis response and early decisive striking power in a major combat operation.


In summary, the world is getting ready to see eight new aircraft carriers hit the seas. These ships, from countries like China, France, and the United States, are packed with the latest technology and will play a big role in how countries defend their waters. With these carriers, naval warfare is getting a major upgrade, and they’ll be key players in global security for a long time.