Taliban Threatens India “It will not be good if India sends military to Afghanistan”


The Taliban is capturing city by city so fast that it’s hard to believe that a whole country could change in just a matter of weeks. And now the Taliban is at the doorstep of the Nation’s capital, Kabul. It might be possible that Kabul may have been captured by the time you read this article.

Taliban spokesman Mohammad Suhail Shaheen has warned India that it will not be good if India sends its military to Afghanistan. You have seen other countries’ military conditions in Afghanistan, so this issue is an open book.

Taliban spokesman said this in a conversation with news agency ANI on Saturday. In response, India has said that it will not recognize government based on strength in Afghanistan.

Apart from India, several other countries like Germany, Qatar, Turkey, and others have condemned the violence happening in Afghanistan. They have appealed to stop violence and attacks immediately.

In an interview, the spokesperson also said that they appreciate the help India gave to the people of Afghanistan. Projects like dam etc. On removing the Nishan Sahib flag from the Gurudwara Pakhtia, he claimed that the Sikh community removed the flag themselves. Our security got there to check the matter then the Sikh community said they removed the flag themselves in fear that someone could damage that. But we assured them nothing sort of this would happen. So now they put up their flag again.

Taliban spokesman Mohammad Suhail Shaheen has also claimed we mean no harm to the Embassy of the other countries. We have said this before, and we are committed to doing so.

The spokesperson has not confirmed any talks with the Indian delegation. He said the Indian delegation was sure involved in the Doha, but he denied any separate meeting with the Indian delegation.

Taliban spokesperson was asked another question: Can he assure that Afghanistan’s land will not be used against India? He said no country will use Afghanistan’s land. He also denied any ties with Pakistan. he said this allegation is used for certain policies and political goals.

On Saturday morning Taliban has captured Paktia Province Capital Sharna. Now they are just an hour away from the Kabul Airport. Two days ago, it was estimated that the Taliban would take 90 days to reach Kabul. But now, they are about to capture the county’s capital.

In the last two decades, India has invested more than 400 million USD. Now future will tell how much it would impact India if the Taliban takes over.