The Chinese People’s Liberation Army fighter jets continued to fly over the periphery of Taiwan. 

The Taiwan Air Force Hualien Base demonstrated the Tiangong-3 air defense missile mobile launcher and quick gun system on Thursday, displaying the air defense force’s 24-hour all-weather combat readiness and combat capability.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense invited the media to the Air Force’s Hualien base on Wednesday, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency.

The GDF006 35mm double-barreled anti-aircraft rapid gun and the Tiangong-3 anti-aircraft missile launcher were scheduled to perform on Thursday morning. The officers and troops of the company performed the initiation and 360-degree tracking of 35 rapid weapons at the training site.

Be ready 24 hours a day

Chen Dehuan, commander of the 2nd Company of the 613th Battalion of the Air Force Air Defense and Missile Command, stated in an interview that the company had made 24-hour preparations for the launch of air defense missiles on weekdays in response to the P.L.A.’s launch of ballistic missiles into the waters surrounding Taiwan on August 4.

When the P.L.A. has any drills, the troops are prepared per standard operating procedures, etc., and the troops are not nervous.

Taiwan military
The Taiwan Air Force Hualien Base on Thursday demonstrated the operation of the Tiangong-3 air defense missile mobile launcher-min

The Tiangong-3 air defense missile is a system developed by the Zhongshan Academy of Sciences for air defense. It is tasked with executing integrated air defense and missile defense missions.

The launcher is equipped with an independent power source and can be instructed to launch missiles by the tactical command center. The launcher boasts a penetrating front cover, and the mobile vertical launcher can conduct all-around interception and carry Tiangong group missiles.

The GDF006 35mm double-barreled anti-aircraft fast gun is 7.87 meters long, 2.26 meters wide, 2.55 meters high, weighs 6,600 kilograms, and has a maximum range of 11 kilometers and an effective range of 4 kilometers. Spend. Its characteristics are accurate shooting, fast rate of fire (1100 rounds per minute), strong maneuverability, and all-weather combat.

The Tianbing radar is the Tianbing system’s tracking radar. It is capable of modifying the tracking target and detecting air-to-surface missiles.

If the radar encounters electronic countermeasures, it will track incoming missiles automatically. In addition, the system’s optical tracker can transition automatically to radar tracking mode when weather conditions or visibility are poor.

Taiwan’s F-16V night scramble

Taiwan military

On the previous day, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense invited the media to the Air Force of the 5th Tactical Mixed Wing of the Hualien Air Force to visit the one-day combat readiness. 

The F-16V fighter jet’s Harpoon weapon and the AIM-120 upgraded medium-range air-to-air missile were implemented in the afternoon. 

Displays the sea-control anti-ship configuration possible installation and hanging operation drill, as well as the night emergency take-off.

During the emergency take-off mission displayed by the Fifth Wing of the Air Force at night, the bell suddenly rang outside the No. 4 hangar. The standby pilot immediately rushed out of the standby room and boarded the fighter plane.

The foreman immediately looked around to check the F-16V; according to regulations, the fighter must take off within 6 minutes to perform combat-ready tasks.