Taiwan develops new variant of Clouded Leopard armored vehicle

Taiwan advances defense with the development of an advanced variant of the Clouded Leopard vehicle, focused on fire support.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense has launched a project to develop a new version of the Clouded Leopard armored vehicle. This model, designed for fire support with 8×8 capacity, reflects a significant advance in Taiwanese defensive strategy. The initiative, called “Project Cheetah,” has begun with the production of two prototypes, financed with an investment of 768 million TWD.

This combat vehicle is distinguished by its weapons, which include:

A 105mm main gun.
A 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.
An additional 12.7mm remote control turret.

The Ministry’s Armament Office has completed the meticulous five-stage development process, ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the design. The ROC Army has subsequently subjected the vehicle to extensive testing, confirming its firepower and combat readiness. Mass production is on the horizon, promising to strengthen Taiwan’s defensive capabilities.

Clouded Leopard armored vehicle in fire support vehicle configuration with a 105 mm cannon.

In an effort to ensure a constant supply of ammunition, Ammunition Factory Number 202 has been designated to produce APFSDS-T projectiles compatible with the new Clouded Leopard. This step ensures an efficient supply chain for critical ammunition, elevating the operational readiness of the armed forces.

Cooperation between the 209th and 202nd arsenals demonstrates Taiwan’s commitment to defense self-sufficiency. The import of 105mm tank guns, which offer 70% less recoil, marks an improvement in the vehicle’s firepower and stability. This development underscores Taiwan’s efforts to integrate cutting-edge technology into its defensive arsenal.

The CM-32 “Clouded Leopard,” named after the indigenous Formosan feline, symbolizes Taiwan’s agility and strength. With outstanding features such as NBC protection systems and resistance to landmines, this vehicle promises superior combat survivability. The continued exploration of Clouded Leopard variants evidences Taiwan’s determination to strengthen its national defense.