Strela-10: The deadly Soviet legacy on the Ukrainian battlefield

In an epic battle of titans from the past, Ukrainian and Russian forces collide in gripping combat, dusting off deadly relics from the Soviet era. The mighty Strela-10, a short-range air defense system dating back to 1973, proves its deadly effectiveness in a war arena where the titans of war clash in an all-out duel.

Strela-10 in action

Rising from the shadows of the past, the Strela-10 challenges modern NATO missile systems. Despite its age, this Soviet colossus remains a devastating tool in the hands of its operators, capable of shooting down enemy helicopters and aircraft with deadly precision.

Through a video shared online, we witness the unleashed power of this behemoth of war. We watch as the Strela-10, mounted on an MT-LB armored vehicle, strategically positions itself and points to the sky, preparing to drop its deadly payload.

In the blink of an eye, the missile is launched toward its target, traveling at astonishing speed and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

Ukrainian forces destroy the Russian Strela-10 missile system.

In its tireless struggle, the Ukrainian army is not far behind in using these war machines. In a bold and precise operation, the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces manage to destroy a Russian Strela-10 missile system and an amphibious vehicle on the southern front. Showing their skill and cunning, they use launching drones armed with grenades and ammunition to attack and eliminate the enemy.

This confrontation between giants of the past, reliving their warlike glories, plunges us into a tremendous chronicle where military technology, both ancient and modern, intertwines in an exciting duel of power and destruction.

As the world watches in awe, these war machines continue to prove their lethality on the battlefield, reminding us that the past is not as far away as we think.