Shattered skeletons of Russian artillery scattered across Ukraine

The war in Ukraine paints a bleak picture of destruction, with Russian and Ukrainian steel clashing on a deadly chessboard of war.

Reflected Devastation: Images from the Ukrainian Front

The devastation of the war is captured in images spread across social media, stark portraits of the brutality of the conflict between the Russian and Ukrainian steel giants.

These snapshots do not present a victor, but rather a scenario of continued doom. The earth continues to tremble, the steel rumbles, and the war continues its deadly dance. The end of the conflict does not seem near, evidenced by the remnants of the war machine and the continued resonance of steel.

Ukrainian counterbattery: a Russian howitzer reduced to rubble

A recent video captures the moment a Russian shell is reduced to rubble by Ukrainian counter-battery, creating a scene of chaos and fire. The D-30 122mm howitzer, located in Pidhorodne, Donetsk Oblast, disintegrates under Ukrainian might, stark evidence of the intensity of the fighting.

The Ukrainian 45th Artillery Brigade shares these images, spreading the grim tale of war through the social network Twitter.

A visual account of a metallic death

The video, recorded by a UAV, shows the lone figure of the Russian howitzer, hidden in the opening of a wooded region, awaiting its fate.

After a couple of aerial shots, the scene changes drastically: the howitzer is engulfed in a cloud of smoke and fire, a striking manifestation of the power of the Ukrainian counter-battery. What was once a fearsome war machine becomes a mound of deformed and abandoned metal, the unmistakable imprint of warlike destruction.

The human stories behind the battlefronts

However, war is not just a matter of steel and gunpowder. Behind each shell, each explosion, there are human stories, lives broken in chaos. On June 4, the body of a two-year-old girl was found in the remains of a home in Pidhorodne, a sad revelation of the true victims of war.

That night, the attacks had rocked residential buildings, killing a girl and injuring 22 others, including five children.

Collateral damage: when home becomes a battlefield

The devastating legacy of Russian attacks is not limited to the front lines. In residential areas, houses are turned into ruins, cars into junk, and gas pipes into dangerous projectiles.

Photos shared online reveal the scale of the devastation: two-story buildings reduced to rubble, homes turned into ruins.