Seal Team Six rescued the US citizen Philip Walton in Nigeria

Seal Team 6

On October 31, 2020, A successful rescue operation of American Citizen Philip Walton was carried out by the elite U.S. Navy Seal Team Six. This operation took place in Northern Nigeria.

About Hostage

According to the officials, Philip Walton, 27, is a farmer with camels, sheep, and poultry. Philip lives with his wife and a daughter in a small town Massalata in niger. Near the Nigeria border.

On October 26, 2020, Six-Armed men with AK-47 kidnapped Philip from his home. Soon U.S. President Donald Trump was informed. Intelligence agencies took the matter into their hands. Following its Trails, they located him in northern Nigeria. America takes the matter seriously when it comes to the safety of its Citizens.

The source points out that Philip was abducted for Ransome money or he was going to be sold to the terrorist group in Nigeria.

Philip Walton Rescued by Seal Team Six :

Us Government contacted the governments of Niger and Nigeria for Cooperation. They agreed to cooperate. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) did what it does best overseas. It located the whereabouts of Philip.  Marine Corps special operations units were deployed in northwest Africa helped to determine where he was being held. The Well-known U.S. special force The seal Team six was tasked with this rescue mission. Elite Special force parachuted out of U.S. Air Force transport a few kilometers from the target.
Philip Walter was rescued safely after a short firefight. The seal team killed six of the seven captors. No military personnel was harmed in this operation.

Seal team is famous for Operation Neptune Spear in 2011 and the rescue of captain Philips from pirates back in 09.

Aftermath Statements

“U.S. forces conducted a hostage rescue operation during the early hours of 31 October in Northern Nigeria to recover an American citizen held hostage by a group of armed men,” Jonathan Hoffman, chief Pentagon spokesman said. “This American citizen is safe and is now in the care of the U.S. Department of State.”

President Donald Trump tweeted out a show of support, calling the SEAL team members “brave warriors” and saying that “our nation salutes the courageous soldiers behind the daring nighttime rescue operation.” In a separate tweet, Trump described the operation as a “big win” for the elite force.