Saab Gripen E with L3Harris missile launchers

The twilight of air supremacy is within reach for the Swedish and Brazilian air forces with the new generation of Saab Gripen E fighters, enhanced by advanced missile launchers.

The air superiority of the Saab Gripen E: The overwhelming fire of the MELP5

The advanced Saab Gripen E fighters are destined to mark a milestone in the air theater. These modern Steel Falcons will be armed with three high-performance MELP5 weapon delivery systems, increasing their offensive capability against aerial threats.

Saab Gripen EThe Saab JAS-39 Gripen performs at the Festival of Flight at Biggin Hill Airport on August 20, 2017, in Biggin Hill, England. (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

These MELP5 launchers fire long-range air-to-air missiles with unprecedented efficiency, shortening aircraft downtime and reducing the manpower required, thanks to their compressed-air pneumatic systems.

MELP5 technology is the result of the dedication and expertise of the team at L3Harris Release and Integrated Solutions Ltd., who celebrate this innovation as the start of a long-standing relationship with Saab throughout the life of the Gripen E aircraft.

Revolutionary MELP5 Technology: A Quantum Leap in Operational Efficiency

The introduction of the MELP5 launchers promises a drastic evolution in the operational effectiveness of the Gripen E fighter. This technological advance is intended to optimize missions and ensure success on the battlefield, both in current scenarios and in future challenges.

The production contract, valued at $27 million, has been awarded to the Swedish firm Saab. L3Harris conceived the MELP5 system based on a design contract with Saab dating from 2014.

MELP5 technology, incorporating L3Harris’ Pneumatic Missile Ejection Launcher (PMEL), dispenses with pyrotechnics to launch weapons and requires less gas than other launchers, significantly lowering labor and maintenance costs.

The Saab Gripen E: A flying fortress with cutting-edge technologies

Saab Gripen E
Saab Jas-37 Viggen

The Gripen E is a flying fortress that incorporates innovative technologies that guarantee combat advantage and grant undisputed air superiority in highly contested contexts. This new generation of fighters is in full production and delivery to the Swedish and Brazilian air forces.

The L3Harris PMEL is capable of ejecting payloads of up to 190 kilograms with less compressed air and lower pressure than other systems. This highly efficient performance is achieved thanks to the patented two-stage piston technology.

The PMEL design allows for quick loading of the weapon with just two people and is being adapted for use within weapons bays as a stand-alone component. In short, the Saab Gripen E, with its MELP5, promises to reinvent aerial warfare in the 21st century.

The air revolution: Saab Gripen E and its PMEL technology from L3Harris

Saab Gripen ESaab J35 Draken

The inclusion of the MELP5 and its PMEL technology in the Saab Gripen E promises to increase the firepower of these fighters and to revolutionize air combat tactics. PMEL technology, which uses less compressed air, enables unprecedented efficiency in mission execution.

In addition to its efficiency, the L3Harris PMEL is designed to minimize the number of personnel required to operate it. During loading, the system employs patented yoke alignment, auto-locating and auto-balancing technology, making it easy to load the weapon with just two operators quickly.

In short, with the Saab Gripen E equipped with MELP5 missile launchers and PMEL technology from L3Harris, the skies of the future are ripe for a new era of air superiority.

What advantages do MELP5 missile launchers offer on the Saab Gripen E fighter?

The MELP5 missile launchers on the Saab Gripen E fighter offer a number of significant advantages. Among them, the ability to deploy long-range air-to-air missiles more quickly and efficiently, thanks to its compressed air pneumatic systems stands out. In addition, its design contributes to reducing aircraft downtime and minimizes the manpower required, thus optimizing overall performance on the battlefield.

How does L3Harris contribute to the operational effectiveness of the Saab Gripen E fighter?

L3Harris has developed the innovative MELP5 missile launcher system, which significantly improves the operational effectiveness of the Saab Gripen E fighter. This cost-effective, advanced technology enables faster and more efficient deployment of weapons, which can increase the likelihood of success in missions.

What is the value of the production contract between L3Harris and Saab for the MELP5 system?

The production contract for the MELP5 system between L3Harris and the Swedish company Saab amounts to a total of 27 million dollars. This agreement is the result of a design and development process dating back to 2014.

What features make the Gripen E an advanced fighter aircraft?

The Gripen E is distinguished by its ability to counter and defeat any adversary. This advanced combat aircraft system incorporates cutting-edge technologies in systems, sensors, weapons, and pods that give it air superiority in highly contested environments. Both the Swedish and Brazilian air forces currently operate the Gripen E.

How does the L3Harris MEL improve weapon launch efficiency?

The L3Harris Pneumatic Missile Eject Launcher (PMEL) improves weapons launch efficiency by being able to eject payloads of up to 190 kilograms using less compressed air and lower pressure than other systems. Thanks to its patented two-stage piston technology, the PMEL decreases response time and reduces the number of personnel required to load the weapon. Work is currently underway to adapt the PMEL unit for use within weapons bays as a stand-alone item.