Ukrainian officials say that an oil depot in the Rivne province was destroyed after a heavy air strike by a Russian drone.

“Rivne province has faced a large-scale ambush by drones. Unfortunately, an oil depot in the Dubenshchina region of the Dubensky district was destroyed. There were no casualties,” Vitaliy Koval said. , governor of Rivne province in northwestern Ukraine, wrote on Telegram today.

Russian suicide drone flew over Ukraine's capital Kiev at the end of 2022. Photo: Reuters

Russian suicide drone flew over Ukraine’s capital Kyiv at the end of 2022. Photo: Reuters

Sergei Lysak, the head of the military service of the Dnipro province in central Ukraine, announced on the same day that an explosion had destroyed a gas pipeline in the Nikopol district but did not give further details. The Kyiv capital government also announced that the air defense forces had repelled the attack by Russian UAVs.

The Ukrainian Air Force said that the Russian military deployed 10 suicide drones of the Shahed-136/131 type from the Kursk province in the early morning raid on August 10. It claims that the Ukrainian air defense units shot down seven planes; the rest hit targets in the Rivne province.

Russia has recently increased its use of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) against Ukrainian targets. Western experts believe this is an attempt to neutralize Ukraine’s air defense complexes, especially the Patriot system, and to deplete anti-aircraft ammunition by forcing them to fire expensive missiles to destroy them continuously.

Many attacks also targeted the Ukrainian army’s weapons, ammunition and petroleum storage facilities, to prevent a large-scale counter-offensive operation carried out by Kyiv for more than two months.