The  Uralvagonzavod company reveals a new delivery of  T-90M Proriv and  T-72B3M tanks to the Russian army, highlighting the modernity and efficiency of these machines on the battlefield.

UVZ’s commitment to the Russian armed forces

Uralvagonzavod, known as UVZ, continues its tradition of supplying cutting-edge armored vehicles to Russia’s armed forces. The latest deliveries include the powerful  T-90M Proryv and T-72B3M models.

These tanks have proven to be especially useful in air defense operations. With combat experience as a guide, the UVZ team continues to innovate to keep these machines at the pinnacle of military technology.

The Vice President of the Government of the Russian Federation,  Denis Manturov, has praised this dedication and commitment to excellence, ensuring that it allows the armed forces to operate at the highest level.

Russian resistance to Western sanctions and tensions

Russian T-90M and T-72B3M tanks are on their way to UkraineT-90: the Russian “super” tank faces defeats in Ukraine.

Despite international tensions and Western sanctions, Russia demonstrates resilience in its military-industrial sector. Recent additions to the army include  Floks 120mm self-propelled howitzers and  Su-34 Fullback fighter-bombers.

In this context,  Uralvagonzavod has prospered, tripling its production in the last year. This impressive production has facilitated the delivery of state-of-the-art tanks designed for specialized operations.

UVZ CEO  Alexander Potapov has highlighted the company’s ability to rapidly deploy cutting-edge military equipment, reflecting its effectiveness in recent operations.

Forecasts and demands in the tank sector

Russian T-90M and T-72B3M tanks are on their way to UkraineT-72M1 sighted at Camp Dodge, Iowa: A look into the war past

Despite a slowdown in domestic demand, Uralvagonzavod plans to maintain a high production rate in 2022. The export of  T-90 tanks to countries such as  Algeria and  India has contributed to this optimism.

In 2022, there was marked national interest in the  T-90M  due to the need to replace older models and rising tensions with  NATO. This model has received praise from senior Russian officials, including President  Vladimir Putin, for its advanced technology and combat performance.

With ambitious plans underway, the number of  T-90M tanks in the Russian military is expected to exceed 1,000 by 2023, with the addition of modernized models such as the  T-72B3M.

Impact of sanctions on Uralvagonzavod production

The Russian military-industrial complex, demonstrating its indifference to Western opinion, has shared videos of the tank manufacturing process on its  Telegram account. These images, presented by  UralVagonZavod, respond to recent Western sanctions.

The Kremlin has criticized the sanctions, calling them “absurd.” Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, questioned the motivation behind these sanctions. However, the vast reserves of