Russian Ghoul Drone: A New threat to Ukrainian Tanks

Russian volunteers from the Urals region are testing an innovative first-person view kamikaze drone known as the “Ghoul.” Manufactured using 3D printing technology and without government backing or cooperation from a state arms manufacturer, this drone is designed to carry out deep strikes against armored vehicles and fortified targets at the front, behind enemy lines. 

This is not the first time independent private initiatives have developed such a UAV. Earlier, the project of the Privet-82 loitering ammunition was presented. The development and possible deployment of the Ghoul drone coincide with Ukraine’s plans to launch a massive counter-offensive to retake its lost territory and persuade the West, which has shown some reluctance to provide it with military support.

A Russian tactical drone designed to strike deep on the front

According to the TASS news agency report, the Ghoul drone, developed in the Sverdlovsk region, aims to strike in the tactical depths of the front, thereby disrupting ammunition supplies and destroying armored vehicles in strategic positions. Its tactical design is intended to engage small detachments of armor and military vehicles rather than frontal assaults on large positions.

The words of an anonymous company official reveal that the Ghoul drone is designed to attack the enemy’s rear and neutralize the supply of reinforcements to the front line. In addition, it aims to destroy enemy tanks hidden in closed positions, out of the range of anti-tank missiles guided by Russian crews. From the heights, the drone will dive to hit these targets precisely.

Reducing dependency on Western products

In addition to its military role, the development of the Ghoul drone reflects Russia’s effort to lessen its reliance on electronics imported from the United States and Europe. These imports have become more difficult due to the sanctions imposed. Russian industry has traditionally faced weaknesses in electronics, circuit boards and computer hardware manufacturing.

The maker of the Ghoul drone has worked to locally develop the video transmitters used in first-person view drones, thereby reducing the need to import Chinese devices. Using 3D printing technology and CNC machines, they have managed to manufacture some parts of the drone’s main body.