Russia Suffers Shortage of Kalibr Cruise Missiles

Nataliya, a spokeswoman for the Joint Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces, reported on Ukrainian television that two Russian vessels carrying Kalibr cruise missiles have reached the Black Sea but that supplies of these missiles have been depleted.

According to her, the Russian warships and submarines carrying the missiles have been on combat duty since Sunday morning. This naval group is capable of launching as many as eight missiles.

He noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces observe “some uncertainty from the enemy in the number of missiles.”

“They are trying to bring more Kalibrs to Sevastopol because they most likely don’t have enough,” the spokeswoman said.

She claims that Russia has not totally halted production of these missiles despite the significant hardships imposed on the industry by the sanctions.

“This suggests that stocks are not replenishing at the rate they would like. However, according to the general assessment of the experts, the number of available Kalibrs remains around 20%. This is a critically low stock level. But we understand they may find some additional missiles,” Gumenyuk warned.

According to the Ukrainian Navy, Russia maintains a group of ten vessels in the Black Sea. Russia launched four Kalibr missiles in its latest missile attack on Ukraine. The Ukrainian military successfully destroyed two of them with missiles.