Russia replaced its naval commander.
Admiral Alexander Moiseev. Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

Russian media confirmed that Admiral Moiseev, who once led the Northern Fleet, became acting commander of the Russian Navy, replacing his predecessor, Yevmenov.

RIA Novosti reported that during the ceremony on March 19 in Kronstadt, when introducing Admiral Alexander Moiseev, the host said he was “acting naval commander, Hero of Russia.” This agency had not specified when Mr. Moiseev was appointed to replace former Russian Navy commander Nikolai Yevmenov.

Russian media reported on March 10 that Mr. Moiseev could take on this position. A source in the Russian navy said that Admiral Moiseev will soon become commander of the military service with full authority, not just an interim commander.

Admiral Moiseev was born in 1962 in Kaliningrad and graduated from a local film school before joining the Soviet army in 1981. He graduated from the Alexander Popov Naval Radio Electronics Academy in St. Petersburg. Petersburg in 1987 and completed the Russian Naval Officer course 8 years later. In 2011, Mr. Moiseev graduated from the academy of the Russian Army General Staff.

Mr. Moiseev served on nuclear submarines for 29 years, holding the positions of senior commander of the K-117 ship and commander of the second crew of the K-407. In 2012, he became commander of the submarine force of the Northern Fleet, then 6 years later, was appointed commander of the Black Sea Fleet.

In 2019, Mr. Moiseev became commander of the Northern Fleet, replacing Mr. Yevmenov, who was then appointed commander of the Russian navy. In 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree promoting Mr. Moiseev to admiral.

Mr. Moiseev became acting commander of the Russian navy in the context of the Black Sea Fleet suffering losses from Ukrainian suicide boat attacks. These attacks seem to cause the Black Sea Fleet to disperse its forces instead of concentrating at the military port of Sevastopol on the Crimean peninsula.

During an inspection trip on March 17, Russian Defense Minister General Sergey Shoigu asked the Black Sea Fleet to strengthen the fight against Ukrainian suicide boats. According to General Shoigu, the fleet must increase firepower, equip large-caliber machine guns and train soldiers to fight drones and suicide boats.

The difficulties the Russian army encountered on the Black Sea contrasted with their situation on land. Russia’s recent attacks have made some progress, the most notable of which is complete control of the stronghold of Avdeevka, while Ukraine had to withdraw from many residential areas in some places.

According to AFP, Reuters, RIA Novosti