Russia receives a new batch of Zemledelie remote mining systems.

According to a press release issued on Friday, Russian state-linked media agency TASS reported that Russian troops have received a batch of the latest Zemledeliye remote-controlled mining vehicles from state-owned technology giant Rostec.

The delivery was made ahead of schedule, demonstrating Rostec’s commitment to meeting the military’s demands.

Equipped with programmed ammunition, Zemledeliye mine vehicles can cover an area equivalent to several football fields with mines in a matter of minutes. These munitions are programmed to self-destruct or deactivate at a given time, ensuring safety and rapid removal of mines following combat operations.

The importance of strategically placed minefields has been demonstrated in Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, which proved to be an insurmountable obstacle for the enemy. Bekkhan Ozdoyev, Rostec Industrial Director for the Cluster of Conventional Armaments, Ammunition and Special Chemistry, highlighted the relevance of skillfully planted minefields to counter adversaries.

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The Zemledeliye remote demining vehicle is designed to operate effectively in difficult-to-access terrain, quickly laying programmed minefields. Its ability to comply with international treaties on the prohibition or limitation of the use of mines improves the combat capabilities of Russian troops on demining targets.

Russia receives a new batch of Zemledelie remote mining systems.

According to TASS, Rostec previously reported that the Zemledeliye minelaying vehicle had successfully demonstrated its reliability and combat effectiveness in high-intensity conflict situations. The state technology giant continues to analyze the results of combat employment and seek the opinion of the military to continue improving its products.

The Zemledeliye minelaying vehicle has earned recognition for its effectiveness in improving the defensive capabilities of Russian troops. By strategically placing mines and complying with international regulations, it acts as a deterrent to potential adversaries while minimizing collateral damage.

State technology giant Rostec’s commitment to delivering the latest military equipment ahead of schedule demonstrates its dedication to ensuring the readiness of Russian troops. Zemledeliye remotely piloted mine vehicles provide a significant advantage in countering enemy forces and effectively securing key areas.

As technology continues to evolve, Rostec remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly improving its products to meet the ever-changing demands of the military. The Zemledeliye mine vehicle is proof of Rostec’s experience in developing cutting-edge solutions that enhance the capabilities of Russian troops.

The delivery of the Zemledeliye mine vehicles ahead of schedule proves Rostec’s commitment to supporting the Russian armed forces. These remotely piloted vehicles, equipped with programmed ammunition, provide a significant advantage in countering adversaries while respecting international regulations.

As Rostec continues to analyze combat results and gather information, the Zemledeliye minehunting vehicle will undoubtedly play a crucial role in strengthening the defensive capabilities of Russian troops.

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