The Pentagon said Russia spent about 211 billion USD in nearly two years of fighting in Ukraine, as well as suffering many losses in arms revenue.

According to statistical data recently published by the Pentagon, in addition to the amount spent, Russia also lost about 10 billion USD due to having to stop selling weapons or canceling defense orders during nearly two years of war with Ukraine.

The war also caused at least 20 medium-sized and large-sized Russian naval ships to be sunk in the Black Sea, and about 315,000 Russian soldiers were killed or injured.

However, the US military admitted that in the current war period, Ukraine is in a precarious situation, not Russia, in the context that aid sources from the West are at risk of running out, while the fighting has not shown any signs yet. 

Ukraine last weekend was forced to withdraw from its stronghold of Avdeevka after months of defending against successive attacks by Russian forces. Western officials and experts say that complete control of Avdeevka is Russia’s biggest step forward since capturing Bakhmut in May 2023.

A Pentagon official said the deadlock on Ukraine‘s front lines was largely the result of ammunition shortages, which became increasingly worse after the Pentagon ran out of aid funds late last year, and warned It is reported that a series of other Ukrainian cities may fall in the next Russian attacks.

“We see this as a harbinger of what will happen if the Pentagon does not receive this additional budget,” the US official said, referring to additional aid to Ukraine worth 60 billion USD that the White House proposed last year.

The US Senate recently passed a bill that includes the above aid. However, it is very difficult for the bill to pass the House of Representatives, facing opposition from Republican members who control this body.

While the aid package has not been approved, Ukraine is running out of artillery shells and anti-aircraft weapons used to protect important infrastructure from Russia‘s continuous raids.

“The US military always strives to be as prepared as possible, but we need this additional budget,” the US defense official said. “Nothing can replace that package.”