Ukraine suffered more than 500 missiles and UAVs in 5 days

Ukraine said Russia launched an attack with 158 missiles and UAVs targeting a series of key cities, an unprecedented high in hostilities.

Today, the Ukrainian Air Force Command said that Russia launched 90 Kh-101/555 cruise missiles, 14 Iskander-M ballistic missiles and S-300 air defense missiles, 5 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, and 8 missiles. The Kh-22/32 supersonic destroyer and 36 suicide drones (UAVs) targeted this country.

The Russian Su-35S fighter also launched four Kh-31P radar-killing missiles and one Kh-59 tactical cruise missile in the attack.

“The enemy uses nearly all types of missiles and UAVs in service, except for Kalibr cruise missiles launched from warships. We have never witnessed such a large number of targets appearing on the screen at the same time.” surveillance images,” Ukrainian air force spokesman Yuri Ignat said.

The Ukrainian Air Force Command announced that it shot down 87 Kh-101/555 cruise missiles and 27 suicide UAVs, equivalent to 72% of the total weapons used by Russia. However, Ukrainian air defense failed to block any of the Kinzhal, Kh-22/32, S-300, Iskander-M, Kh-31P and Kh-59 missiles.

A series of loud explosions were heard in key Ukrainian cities, including the capital, Kyiv, the northeastern city of Kharkiv, Lviv in the west and Dnipro in the east.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko said that at least two people were killed, and many were trapped under the rubble of a warehouse damaged by debris during the engagement of Ukrainian air defenses. A video posted on social networks shows a burning object, possibly a missile or UAV intercepted by air defense, crashing into a building in the city.

The Ukrainian President’s Office said that multiple hits hit a key infrastructure facility in Lviv but did not disclose the location or extent of damage. Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy added that the city suffered at least two attacks.

Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov said about 22 Russian attacks damaged an industrial facility, several residential areas and a hospital in the city. Two people were killed and 15 injured when rockets fell on buildings in the southern Ukrainian port city of Odesa.

Many areas in Dnipro city were also raided; local officials confirmed there were casualties but have not announced details.

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine said that at least four provinces in the north and south of the country could suffer power cuts due to Russia’s attack.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has not commented on the information.

Russia has recently increased attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure with missiles and UAVs. Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuri Ignat said on December 19 that Moscow possesses a large number of weapons to attack Kyiv’s infrastructure, as well as enough suicide UAVs to maintain daily raids.

Western officials have repeatedly warned that Russia has stockpiled large quantities of long-range weapons to launch new raids on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Energy infrastructure in the winter forces the country to live in darkness and cold.

This tactic was applied at the same time last year when Russia deployed thousands of UAVs and missiles to attack enemy energy infrastructure, causing Ukraine to have intermittent power cuts throughout the winter.