Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

In fact, Russia has five ace troops. They are the trump cards that the fighting nation is proud of. All of them have extraordinary backgrounds and have created a record that shocked the world. If they are all dispatched, they will definitely change the situation of the battle. So let’s dive into the article Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

First of all, the first ace unit is the Chechen unit.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

They are the fighting nation among the fighting nations. When the troops go out to fight, it is their slogan that no grass will grow. Fighting and fighting is their normal state. And they are terrorists with an organization, the Chechen army.

In 1994, the then-Russian leader Yeltsin launched the first Chechen war, and this Chechen army confronted the Russian army. In fact, in terms of equipment and the size of the army, the Russian army has an absolute advantage. In the Battle of Grozny, the Chechen troops were defeated. But the Chechens quickly realized that they should not be tough and turned to guerrilla warfare.

In the face of the carpet bombing by the Russian army, using white phosphorus bombs, fuel-air bombs and other means of mass destruction, the Chechen troops still showed a strong combat quality. They repeatedly used tactics to divide and annihilate the Russian army, causing the Russian army to suffer a disastrous defeat.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of their strength. In fact, the most famous Chechen troops are not their tactics but their big, thick bodies and hot tempers.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

Because it is located on the border between Asia and Europe, it is of great strategic significance geographically, which has also caused continuous wars in Chechnya. Therefore, almost all Chechen troops are veterans who have experienced many battles.

On the other hand, successive years of war have directly cultivated the sturdy folk customs of the Chechen nation. Among them, the thugs who dare to resist are popular stars.

So you can often see in Chechnya a group of men with big arms and round waists racing against each other, fighting each other. The harder the fight, the higher the status. Soldiers who grow up in this environment will have an advantage in basic military quality.

Today’s Chechen troops belong to Kadylov Jr., serving Emperor Prussia. They have fought with the Russian army from the 1990s to the present. They have participated in the Georgian War, the Crimean War, and the Syrian War and have achieved brilliant results.

Of course, the main reason why this unit can serve as the current ace unit of the Russian army is because its leader, Kadylov Jr., has absolute loyalty and iron-blooded methods to Emperor Putin.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.
Kadylov Jr.

As the saying goes, a raging soldier will have a raging nest. A good leader plays a vital role in the army. For example, Ming Yingzong, the god of war in Tumubao, who we are familiar with, led hundreds of thousands of elite Ming troops who were invincible to give away their heads, which caused the Ming Dynasty to turn from prosperity to decline.

However, the great man was able to lead a group of peasant soldiers, relying on millet and rifles, to complete the feat of defeating the strong with the weak time and time again.


It can be seen that an excellent leader can often influence the strength of the army. Needless to say, the immediate boss of the Chechen army, Sipu the Great, is mainly the immediate leader of the army, Kadylov Jr.

To some extent, it can even be said directly that the Chechen army is the personal armed force of Kadylov Jr. He has an absolute say in the army, which means that the army will have super cohesion and execution. In addition, this person mainly plays a tough guy style but still has a flexible mind.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

Putin becamee president of the country at the age of 31 and has been in power for 15 consecutive years; integrating Chechnya, which was originally scattered, is enough to prove that his personal ability is definitely not weak.

It’s hard not to be frightened by an army of intelligent, armed thugs.

2. The 76th Airborne Division of the Russian Army.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

This is one of the most popular units of the Russian army, regarded by the Russians as the pride of the nation, and considered by many to be the strongest ace unit of the Russian army.

During World War II, the German army launched a devastating attack on the Soviet Union, forcing the Soviet Union to start the Great Patriotic War, and the 76th Airborne Division was born here.

At that time, they were still called the infantry division. They experienced the defense of Odesa, the Battle of Crimea, and the Battle of Stalingrad. After the liberation of Chernihiv, they were reorganized into the 76th Airborne Division.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

What’s interesting is that Chernihiv is a city belonging to Ukraine, and now this army has set foot in Ukraine again to write their honor again.

When it comes to honor, the highest honor of the Soviet Army is the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and the 76th Airborne Division has more than 50 winners, which can also show the combat bravery of the unit.

It’s most famous is that in the Second Chechen War, the 96 officers and soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of the 104th Parachute Regiment under the division completed the feat of one man at the gate and one man at the gate in the Argonne and Vedeno Valleys.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

At that time, they blocked 2,500 Chechen militants with a scale of less than 100 people and wiped out more than 400 enemies in three days of bloody fighting. Nearly 100 officers and soldiers fought to the last 6 people, all of whom fought to the death and never retreated.

In the face of the extremely powerful Chechen terrorists, they were still able to defeat the many with less and defeated the sturdy with iron and blood.


The unit’s selection process is one of the toughest in the world, and that makes the unit’s soldiers one of the best in the world.

3. The Cossack unit.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

During the period of cold weapons, they were ruthless killers, which frightened Europe and made Napoleon want to have them. At its peak, this unit was known as the world’s number one cavalry and was good at launching a fearless charge.

For example, in the Soviet-Polish War in 1918, millions of Cossack cavalry were killed in just two years, which shows how crazy this army was.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

In fact, as a group of people who live on horseback, they hate evil like hatred, love freedom, and have things they don’t like. They pick up their spears, mount their horses and start charging.

For example, during the First Chechen War, the Cossack cavalry impressed the sturdy Chechens.

Of course, today, the Cossack cavalry has become a thing of the past, and now they have changed; the horses have been replaced by armored vehicles, guns have replaced the spears, and they have become the Cossack Legion.


Today’s Cossack Legion is the war madness in the Russian army. Many soldiers even participated in the war at their own expense. For example, when the Russo-Ukrainian War broke out, there were nearly 300,000 volunteers in the Kuban and Don River regions.

If Chechens are thugs who love to fight, then Cossacks are war machines. From the Tsarist era to today’s Russia, they have never been absent from any war involving Russians.

As they swore, defending the motherland is the historical mission of the Cossacks.


4. 58th Army.

This is currently the Russian army’s largest and most powerful combined army. The group army has more than 70,000 people, more than 2,000 tanks, nearly a thousand artillery pieces, hundreds of aircraft and 70 helicopters.

Compared with the previous units, the 58th Army was formed later and was established during the First Chechen War.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

But in the Battle of Georgia, the corps made the world remember the name of the 58th Army, and they turned the Georgia War into a textbook battle.

It took only 2 hours to complete various strategic deployments, and the response was so fast that even Lao Mei couldn’t help admiring that the Russian army has excellent concealment and its ability to deploy troops is beyond the imagination of the outside world.

On the battlefield, they used a mixed method of armored vehicles and supplementary troops to carry out street fighting, cracking the Georgian army’s idea of ​​fighting guerrillas, making it almost impossible to fight back.


You must know that the Georgian Army is an army personally trained by the NATO organization headed by the United States, but the 58th Army crushed it and once again staged a blitzkrieg.

In fact, as early as the second Chechen war, the 58th Army had already shown its strength. As the main force to attack Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, the 58th Army quelled the Chechen rebellion in just 2 months, making the Russian army feel ashamed.

5. 1st Guards Tank Army.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

They are the youngest trump card unit of the Russian army, but they are the most lethal existence, and they truly have the ability to destroy the country.

In 2016, the 1st Tank Corps of the Guards was established, or restored, because it can be traced back to the 1st Tank Corps during World War II, but with the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the unit was also disbanded. But in 2014, it was announced that the unit would be resurrected, and in 2016, the resurrection was realized.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

As we all know, Russia has inherited the torrent of steel from the Soviet Union and has the largest number of tanks in the world, with tens of thousands. Russia assigned the most elite part to the First Guards Tank Army among these tanks.

For example, the T-90M main battle tank is a top tank of the Russian army, second only to the T-14, and it is only equipped with the First Tank Army. The most advanced T-14 is naturally indispensable. In fact, the first T-14 was equipped with the First Tank Army.

According to Russian reports, the T-14 can withstand any open anti-tank weapon.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

Let’s not talk about whether it is bragging, but at least it can be seen that the performance of the T-14 has reached a level that can satisfy the Russian side.

In addition, the advanced tanks that make up the group army include T-90A tanks, all of which are top tanks in the world. The total number is close to 600, which is the total number of the three countries of Britain, France and Germany.

From the data point of view, the First Tank Army has 3 full tank divisions and missile brigades, engineering regiments, logistics battalions, etc., and its strength is quite strong.

Russia is not afraid of the West Because of these 5 trump card troops.

For example, the 112th Guards Missile Brigade is equipped with the Russian army’s most advanced Iskander tactical missiles.

It can be said that Russia attaches great importance to this unit, and can’t wait to give them all the trump cards. This also makes this unit extremely modernized, reaching the point where it is armed to the teeth.

However, compared with the previous units with brilliant records, the First Tank Army has the best equipment, but its performance is a bit embarrassing. It was seriously damaged on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield, and even the T-90 tanks were thrown to the Ukrainian army.

It can’t be said that the equipment is not good; after all, there are no two tank units with better equipment than them, but there is definitely a problem with such a shameful record.

Of course, we can also understand the truth that equipment does not determine everything. In modern warfare, only those who have systematic combat capabilities and strong comprehensive capabilities are really strong.