Russia intercepts British Storm Shadow missiles

According to reports from the Russian Defense Ministry, its forces managed to intercept two British-made Storm Shadow long-range cruise missiles over the weekend.

Balance of military operations

The news was released at the Russian Defense Ministry’s usual daily briefing, which provides updates on its so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine.

In this session, the Ministry also claimed to have shot down 12 drones in the past 24 hours and intercepted US-made HIMARS and HARM missiles.

The location of the interceptions was not specified in the report. The allegations issued by Russia have not been independently confirmed so far.

Ukraine’s reaction to the downing of Storm Shadow missiles

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has offered no comment in response to the allegations. Kyiv has maintained that the weaponry received from the West is used strictly against Russian forces operating inside Ukraine.

However, the presence of British Storm Shadow missiles indicates the involvement of third countries in the conflict. The analysis of the situation is in process, and the details are still being investigated.

Attacks against energy infrastructures

Drone attacks on oil pipelines on Russian soil were also reported on Saturday. The provenance of these attacks is uncertain, although Russia has previously accused Ukraine.

Kyiv, for its part, has not officially recognized the carrying out of attacks inside Russian territory. The current situation puts infrastructure of great economic value at risk, such as the €450 million oil pipeline and the €1 billion liquefaction facility.