Russia develops wheeled self-propelled guns that can run 1100 km continuously

Rostec Corporation handed over to the Russian army the first batch of 2S43 Malva wheeled self-propelled howitzers, highly mobile with a range of 1,100 km.

Russia’s Rostec defense corporation said on October 26 that the newly delivered 152 mm 2S43 Malva self-propelled howitzer to the army has high mobility and automatically fires many types of ammunition. The gun can quickly raise and lower the barrel to fire multiple shots in succession, ensuring the bullets fall on the target at the same time.

According to Bekhan Ozdoev, Rostec production manager, being arranged on a wheeled body frame helps the Malva self-propelled gun quickly move away from the firing position to avoid counter-fire, a feature that is very important in battles.

The Malva cannon can hit targets more than 24 km away at a speed of 7 rounds/minute, with an ammunition load of 30 rounds. The compact size of the Malva cannon allows the Russian military to transport this complex by Il-76 transport aircraft.

According to the manufacturer, Malva uses an 8×8 body frame made by BAZ and can travel 1,100 km continuously on flat roads without refueling.

This wheeled self-propelled gun specializes in destroying command post fortifications, attacking artillery, mortar, air defense and enemy convoys.

Russian media first reported on the Malva artillery in 2019; tests began two years later and ended on May 17. The Russian Ministry of Defense in August signed a contract to buy Malva self-propelled guns, but the quantity ordered in this deal is unknown.