Russia delivers TOR-M2K surface-to-air missile launchers to Egypt.

According to a photo posted on the company’s Twitter account, Russia has delivered an undisclosed number of TOR-M2K air defense missile systems to Egypt. The air defense system, based on the 9А331МК chassis developed by the Belarusian company MZKT, will further increase Egypt’s considerable anti-aircraft capabilities.

For several years, Egypt has been strengthening its defense relationship with Russia, adding to its current air defense systems, including the S-300VM/SA-23, Tor-M1, S-125 Pechora-2M and the Buk-M2. The country also has a large collection of surface-to-air missiles.

Historically, Russia and Egypt have had a long and strong defense relationship. Initially restored under the late President Hosni Mubarak in 1984, ties were further strengthened after the overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in 2013. The tenure of President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, who took office in 2014, brought an increase in military and commercial ties between both nations.

Over the years, Egypt has become a major buyer of Russian military hardware, acquiring advanced fighter jets, helicopters, tanks, air defense systems and light weapons. These acquisitions have contributed significantly to the modernization and expansion of the Egyptian Armed Forces. Joint military exercises involving land, air and naval forces have also been a cornerstone of this bilateral defense cooperation.

The Tor-M2K is the export variant of the Russian-made Tor-M2 air defense missile system. It is based on a Belarusian MZKT-6922 high mobility 6×6 wheeled chassis, replacing the GM-5955 tracked chassis used on the standard Tor-M2.

This TOR-M2K is designed to intercept and destroy a wide variety of contemporary aerial threats. It is capable of countering aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, a range of missiles, and precision-guided munitions. The Tor M2K has the added ability to detect and neutralize anti-radiation missiles.

 It fills the gap left by long and medium-range air defense systems by taking out targets they miss. The Tor M2K offers protection to both stationary and mobile assets and can identify targets and launch attacks on the move, making it ideal for providing cover for other units on the move.

Armed with 9M331 surface-to-air missiles, the Tor-M2K carries a total of 8 vertically launched missiles. These missiles have a range of 15 km and can reach an altitude of 10 km. You only need 3 minutes to be ready to shoot. The system is capable of tracking up to 48 targets and can attack 4 of them at the same time. It can rank 10 targets based on the threat level. A three-person team operates this versatile air defense system capable of hunting targets and launching attacks on the move: a vehicle commander, operator and driver.

This delivery of the Tor-M2K systems marks an important step in Egypt’s military modernization program, further securing the country’s position in the region. It is also indicative of Russia’s continued commitment to strengthening its defense relationship with Egypt.

Russia delivers TOR-M2K surface-to-air missile launchers to Egypt.
The TOR-M2K is an export variant of the Russian-built TOR-M2 based on the MZKT-6922 high mobility 6×6 wheeled chassis from Belarus.