Russia could lose 315000 troops in the conflict with Ukraine
Russian soldiers approached the front line in the fighting with Ukraine on November 7. Photo: RIA Novosti

US intelligence reports estimate that about 315,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or wounded since the conflict with Ukraine broke out.

US congressional sources on December 12, citing a newly declassified intelligence assessment, said that Russia in February 2022 launched a campaign to attack Ukraine with 360,000 troops. Since then, about 315,000 Russian soldiers, or 87% of the forces participating in the initial campaign, have been killed or wounded.

“The scale of losses forced Russia to take unprecedented measures to maintain combat capabilities. Russia announced a partial mobilization order at the end of 2022, mobilizing about 300,000 additional troops and loosening standards for allowed to recruit prisoners and elderly civilians”, according to US intelligence assessments.

Russian forces began the campaign with about 3,100-2,500 tanks but lost about 2,200 and had to transfer T-62 vehicles manufactured in the 1970s to the battlefield to replenish them. US intelligence believes that Russia is operating about 1,300 tanks on the battlefield.

The new assessment given by US intelligence is significantly higher than the July 2022 estimate of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director William Burns. Mr. Burns said at the time that Russia’s losses could be “about 15,000 killed and maybe three times as many wounded.”

Russia has not commented on this information. Russian officials rarely release casualty figures for its forces in the conflict with Ukraine.

Russian officials have repeatedly claimed that estimates of the country’s military casualties published by the West were “grossly exaggerated.” They also say the West almost always underestimates Ukraine’s losses, which Russian officials say are huge.