Russian forces reportedly used a new 1500 kg of ammunition in Ukraine.

Russia has started mass production of the FAB-3000, a three-ton bomb that can destroy many enemy-fortified structures.

“FAB-500 bomb production has increased many times, and the number of FAB-1500 bombs shipped has also doubled. The mass production line for FAB-3000 bombs has been started since February,” the Russian Ministry of Defense said on March 21.

On the same day, Russian television published images of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu inspecting a bomb and ammunition factory in Nizhny Novgorod province, including FAB-1500 and FAB-3000 bombs being completed.

FAB-3000 is a conventional bomb weighing 3,000 kg developed by the Soviet Union after World War II, equipped with strategic bombers Tu-4, Tu-16 and Tu-22M3.

Each bomb contains 1,400 kg of high explosives designed to destroy fortified bases and large enemy infrastructure. The explosion of the FAB-3000 bomb is enough to wipe out all structures within a radius of 35 m. The pressure from the bomb can also cause concussion and ear bleeding from a distance of nearly 200 m.

Russia deployed FAB-3000 bombs in the air campaign against the Azovstal factory in Mariupol city in Donetsk province in early 2022. However, these bombs were pulled from Soviet-era stockpiles, not real bombs newly produced.

Russian officials have not said whether the FAB-3000 can be equipped with a Unified Lift and Navigation Module (UMPK) like smaller bomb models. UMPK-mounted conventional bombs were an important factor in Russia’s offensive campaign in Donetsk province, allowing them to destroy many fortified defense lines and dislodge Ukrainian troops from the stronghold of Avdeevka in mid-February.

“The largest Russian bomb fitted with UMPK today is the FAB-1500 M-54 model; everyone has seen its combat results. The appearance of the FAB-3000 version with such a guidance kit will be terrible.” much more terrible,” said Russian military expert Alexey Leonkov.