Russia acquires 770 improved T-62 and T-90M tanks

It is estimated that 15 T-90M tanks, equivalent to 10% of the Russian army’s total armored vehicles, are manufactured monthly in military facilities.

The  GUR  reports an increase in the Russian arsenal with 770 tanks, including modernized T-62M and T-90M models.

Significant increase in the Russian armored fleet, according to GUR

Recent revelations from Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate ( GUR ) highlight a notable increase in the Russian defense arsenal, with the acquisition of 770 tanks in the last two years marked by tensions in Ukraine. Of these, 450 units correspond to the T-62M and T-62МВ models, modernized and reincorporated into the defense ranks after a systematic update process that began in 2022.

Additionally, a production and modernization rate of approximately 320 units of the T-90M model has been recorded. It is estimated that 15 T-90M tanks, equivalent to 10% of the Russian army’s total armored vehicles, are manufactured monthly in military facilities. This information, provided by GUR officials in dialogue with ArmiyaInform, underlines a continued effort by Russia to strengthen its ground military capabilities.

An increase in the pace of tank overhaul and modernization is anticipated, with special emphasis on the T-62 models stored in  Russian Defense Ministry depots. These actions align with Russia’s long-term strategies to ensure a tactical and operational advantage by strengthening its armored park.

Details on the modernization and figures of the arsenal

Additional information published in  The Military Balance 2023  by the  International Institute for Strategic Studies  ( IISS ) indicates that, at the beginning of last year, the Russian army had 150 T-62 tanks and nearly 100 T-90M tanks. The modernization of 450 tanks to the T-62M, and T-62МВ models and the production of 320 T-90M suggest a significant expansion and upgrade of the fleet in 2023.

The IISS estimates that Russia has recovered between 1,180 and 1,828 tanks from its storage reserves in the last year, indicating the existence of a considerable inventory that could sustain the modernization operation for 2-3 more years or even a longer period. Extensive.

According to an analysis by the  Royal United Services Institute  ( RUSI ), Russian forces in Ukraine currently have approximately 2,060 tanks, of which 1,500 were deployed last year. Notably, 80% of these units come from warehouses, demonstrating a preference for recovering and modernizing existing vehicles over producing new ones.

Presidential visit and production capacity of Uralvagonzavod

The visit of the President of the  Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, to the Uralvagonzavod  ( UVZ ) production complex has marked a turning point in the perception of Russia’s military production capacity.

During his tour, Putin inspected  UVZ ‘s new transmission workshop, a project praised for significantly improving production efficiency and the quality of manufactured weaponry.

The implementation of this workshop has allowed UVZ to introduce technological advances in its production line, thus improving overall performance and reducing operating costs. Alexander Potapov, CEO of UVZ, highlighted the importance of highly qualified specialists operating the most advanced machinery.

British intelligence reports have indirectly corroborated the production capacity of  Uralvagonzavod, suggesting that Russia can compensate for tank losses on the battlefield through its robust manufacturing. Russia maintains a formidable military production capacity despite economic sanctions, according to Tsulata reports.