Rows of tanks: Northern Israel prepares for war

In the midst of the war between Hamas and Israel, northern Israel is experiencing mass evacuations and preparations, creating a highly tense environment.

Movements on Israel’s highways

The third day of fighting led residents of northern Israel to accelerate their evacuations from cities near the Lebanese border. In addition, many sought to stock up on essential items in anticipation of possible escalations of the conflict.

The atmosphere in the region was silent, disturbed only by sporadic showers. On Highway 6, one of the busiest in the country, traffic was minimal. Tanks and military machinery moved along the road, marking an unusual landscape for the locals.

Shopping malls, vital points for the local economy in cities like Acre and Nahariya, remained mostly closed. People who ventured into them did so with the purpose of acquiring basic supplies.

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Daily life in Acre and Nahariya

In Acre, commercial activity was drastically reduced. The only fully functioning grocery store was where people gathered to obtain food and other essential products.

Although many preferred silence, one Kiryat Shmona resident shared his perspective: “It feels exactly like the  Yom Kippur War,” he told  The Jerusalem Post . His statement highlights the gravity of the current moment.

Nahariya presented a similar scenario, with the difference that its streets were flanked by rows of tanks and armored vehicles, ready to act at any moment.

Escalation of hostilities at the border

The conflict showed no signs of abating. From Lebanon, no less than 15 rockets were launched   against Israel, an action that was countered by  IDF artillery fire against Hezbollah positions.

The night brought further tensions when an anti-tank missile hit an  IDF vehicle near Avivim. In a swift response, an  IDF helicopter attacked another Hezbollah outpost, showing the determination of the Israeli military.