Putin's drone fleet is dying in Ukraine

In an attempted invasion of Ukrainian territory, 36 Iranian drones have been shot down. These drones were targeting critical infrastructure and military bases across the country, creating a worrying situation for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The situation in Ukraine has become tense yet again as Russian forces have carried out a nighttime drone strike that Ukrainian defenses have countered.

The drones used and the Ukrainian response.

According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, the drones used in these attack attempts were the Shahed 131 and 136 models. These drones were neutralized thanks to the effectiveness of the Ukrainian air defense forces.

President Zelenskyy has expressed his appreciation for the “100% result” achieved by shooting down all enemy drones. This successful defense once again demonstrates the ability of the country’s air defenses to protect its national territory.

Putin's drone fleet is dying in Ukraine

Repeated drone strikes in Ukraine

Unfortunately, this is not the first attempted drone strike in the Ukrainian capital. According to the head of Kyiv’s military administration, this was the twelfth such raid on the city in just one month. These attacks clearly demonstrate that Russia continues to use terror tactics to undermine Ukraine’s security and stability.

President Zelenskyy is aware of Iran’s involvement in manufacturing and supplying these drones. In a late-night speech on May 24, Zelenskyy made a direct appeal to the Iranian people.

He vehemently questioned the complicity of those who support the use of Iranian drones in attacks on Ukraine. For him, any support for these actions is to endorse the “evil” perpetrated by Russia.

The rejection of Iranian participation and the search for reflection

The Ukrainian leader did not hesitate to point out the responsibility of the Iranian people in the current situation. Why do they become accomplices in Russian terror? Why are they aligned with an evil state? These rhetorical questions made clear their rejection of Iranian participation in the attacks and sought to awaken reflection in the Iranian people.

Zelenskyy urged Iranian society, the ulama and those who have influence on state decisions to reconsider their support for Russia. Appealing to conscience, the Ukrainian president reminded them that the whole world was witnessing what was happening and asked them not to deny their support for evil.

The tragic case and the clear message from Ukraine

The president also mentioned the tragic case of a pregnant woman and her husband, who was killed in their home by an Iranian drone. Zelenskyy asked Iranian citizens if they would like to see the same destruction in their own country, reminding them that Iran is responsible for its own actions and weaponry.

Ukraine’s message is clear: the country stands firm and victorious in the face of Russian attacks. Ukrainian air defenses have demonstrated their ability to counter threats, as President Zelenskyy urges the Iranian people to reconsider their position and not be complicit in terror. The world is watching and hopes that peace will prevail in the region.