On July 28, the Polish Minister of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, announced a significant step forward in strengthening Poland’s defense capabilities. The decision to create the HIMARS Academy and the 1st Rocket Brigade marks a milestone in the country’s efforts to equip its army with effective and proven weapons that will deter potential aggressors and ensure the security of the nation.

HIMARS in Action

During a recent demonstration, the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) showcased its remarkable capabilities, with a range of up to 300 km. Minister Mariusz Błaszczak emphasized the importance of providing the Polish Army with such advanced weaponry, capable of shooting at long distances and deterring any potential aggressor, particularly Russia.

The HIMARS Academy and 1st Rocket Brigade

With the decision to establish the HIMARS Academy and the 1st Rocket Brigade, Poland aims to bolster its defense preparedness and train proficient gunners to operate these powerful missile systems. The Missile Forces Brigade will be stationed in two key locations: Toruń and Orzysz, where they will conduct comprehensive training and strategic operations.

Collaboration with Allies

The HIMARS Academy will play a crucial role in enhancing cooperation with NATO allies in the Baltic region. Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have also ordered HIMARS launchers from the United States, making this collaborative effort vital for strengthening NATO’s collective security.

Strengthening National Competencies

The HIMARS Academy’s role extends beyond operational training. It will also focus on logistics and service related to HIMARS systems. Additionally, the academy will contribute to the development of national competencies in training specialists and command personnel, ensuring that Poland maintains a high level of expertise in handling these advanced weapons.

A Symbol of Modernization

Poland’s acquisition of the HIMARS system reflects the country’s commitment to modernizing its defense capabilities. By integrating key elements sourced from the US with Polish chassis and ICT systems, Poland enhances its interoperability with its American partners and further solidifies its position as a reliable NATO ally.

US Support and Investment

Daniel Lawton, the US Deputy Ambassador to Poland, lauded Poland’s investment in the HIMARS system and the establishment of the HIMARS Academy. He emphasized that these initiatives demonstrate Poland’s dedication to strengthening NATO’s eastern front, which provides a sense of security for both Poland and its allies.


The creation of the HIMARS Academy and the 1st Rocket Brigade represents a significant step forward for Poland’s defense modernization efforts. Equipping the Polish Army with advanced, proven weaponry not only serves as a deterrent but also enhances the country’s military preparedness and cooperation with NATO allies. As Poland continues to strengthen its defense potential, the nation looks forward to celebrating its accomplishments with pride on the day of the Polish Army, inviting all to join in commemorating the dedication and service of its soldiers.


  1. What is the HIMARS Academy’s main objective? The HIMARS Academy will provide comprehensive training, logistics, and service related to the HIMARS missile system. It will also contribute to developing national competencies in training specialists and command personnel.
  2. How does the HIMARS system enhance Poland’s defense capabilities? The HIMARS system’s long-range capability and precision make it an effective deterrent against potential aggressors. It strengthens Poland’s defense and interoperability with its allies, particularly the United States.
  3. What does the creation of the 1st Rocket Brigade signify? The establishment of the 1st Rocket Brigade is a milestone in Poland’s efforts to modernize its defense capabilities. It demonstrates the nation’s commitment to enhancing its military preparedness and cooperation with NATO allies.
  4. Which countries have also ordered HIMARS launchers from the US? Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have also ordered HIMARS launchers, reflecting the importance of regional cooperation and collective security within NATO.
  5. What role does the US play in supporting Poland’s defense efforts? The US has been a steadfast partner in assisting Poland with its defense modernization efforts. The establishment of the HIMARS Academy and US support reaffirm the strong partnership between the two nations in bolstering NATO’s security.