Most military fans can think of the 13 army groups of China’s Army. In fact, the PLA Army governs these 13 group armies, three provincial military regions, and 12 military academies. However, the 13 group armies are the core and main body of the Army, so it is inevitable for everyone always to link the Army and the group army together.

PLA Army: Manages 13 group armies


According to authoritative data released by relevant military departments, the Chinese Army is about 1.05 million. This 1.05 million is not the total number of the Army but the total number of the entire army organization, including the army headquarters, 13 army groups, and the three provincial military regions under the Army’s jurisdiction. And the 12 academies of the Army system and so on. The total number of people in these units is the total number of the Army.

PLA Army: Manages 13 group armies

Three provincial military regions under the Army’s jurisdiction: Xinjiang Military Region, Tibet Military Region, and Beijing Garrison Region. After the military reform, most of the provincial military regions were assigned to the newly established National Defense Mobilization Department of the Military Commission.

There are a total of 28 provincial military regions, all of which are at the military level. That is to say, the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Military Commission at the deputy theater level has jurisdiction over 28 provincial military regions at the military level.

Three provincial military regions are not assigned to the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Military Commission but belong to the Army: the Xinjiang Military Region, the Tibet Military Region, and the Beijing Garrison Region.

PLA Army: Manages 13 group armies

These three provincial military regions are very special. They have combat troops under their jurisdiction and undertake military combat functions. They are different from other provincial military regions.

Therefore, they are allocated to the Army and constructed according to the model of the Army Group Army. They are affiliated with the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Military Commission. There is a very big difference between the provincial military districts.

The 12 military schools under the jurisdiction of the Army are the following: Army Command Academy, Army Engineering University, Army Infantry Academy, Army Armored Academy, Army Artillery Air Defense Academy, Army Aviation Academy, Army Special Operations Academy, Army Frontier, and Coastal Defense Academy, Army Chemical Defense Academy, Army Medical Doctor University, Army Military Transportation Academy and Army Service Academy. Among the 12 army academies, only the Army Command Academy is at the army level, and the rest are at the deputy army level.

Among them, the Army University of Engineering, the former PLA University of Science and Technology, is one of the five comprehensive military academies determined by the Military Commission. In the past, there were more than 70 military academies. The first National University of Defense Technology.

Originally, it was an army-level unit affiliated with the General Staff of the People’s Liberation Army, but after the military reform, the name of the school was changed, the affiliation relationship was also changed, and the rank was also lowered by half.

The Army Aviation Academy is a military academy that trains Army Aviation pilots. In the Army Aviation Brigade to which the group army belongs, all pilots are graduates of the Army Aviation Academy. Moreover, it also undertakes the training task of helicopter pilots of the Armed Police Force. The Armed Police Force is equipped with helicopters, and the Army Aviation Academy trains its pilots.

PLA Army: Manages 13 group armies

The Army Command Academy is the highest military institution of the Army. It is a place for the training and further study of the Army’s intermediate and senior officers. In fact, the Army Command Academy and all military academies with the word “command” in the army, such as the Naval Command Academy, Air Force Command Academy, and Rocket Army Command Academy, will not enroll candidates for the college entrance examination.