PGZ-09 35mm
China’s Self-Propelled Anti-UAV System

Type 09 is based on Type 90, based on the Oerlikon GDF-002 that China bought in 1987 and licensed to produce.

When it comes to air defense, low-altitude flying objects are becoming problematic. Type 95 has been replaced by the PGZ-09 35mm, a self-propelled air defense vehicle produced by the Chinese company Norinco since 2009.

What are the PGZ-09 35mm features?

Type 09 vehicles are primarily intended to engage low-flying marks such as Close air support aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The air defense system is installed on a PLZ-05-style tracked chassis powered by an 800 HP 8V150 diesel engine.

The CH700 manual transmission is paired with six roadwheels, a combination torsion bar, and a hydropneumatic suspension system to create the chassis. The car may go as fast as 55 km/hr on the open road.

PGZ-09 35mm
PGZ-09 35mm

The six-roadwheel chassis has a manual transmission (CH700) and a suspension (torsion bars and hydropneumatic). Up to 55 kilometers per hour (about 34 miles per hour) in speed, the car may travel quickly on the road.

The turret’s welded steel armor is resistant to bullets and shrapnel from shells, keeping the crew safe. Over its frontal half, the armor can survive a 14.5mm heavy machine gun bullet. Two 35mm guns flank the turret of the PGZ-09.

In addition to the standard 35 mm cannon, four anti-aircraft missile launchers are installed externally and lower on the vehicle. Below the 35 mm cannon, on either side of the turret, are four smoke grenade dischargers.

The anti-aircraft gun system is effective against various ground and surface targets, including light armored vehicles and any aerial threat. The Type-09 can engage air targets at a range of around 4 kilometers.

The 35 mm cannon can fire 550 rounds per minute and has a muzzle velocity of 1,175 meters per second. Each barrel of the AAA system can hold 280 rounds. The time required to reload is 7.5 seconds.

The vehicle has two different radar systems built into it. The turret roof has a 20-km search and surveillance radar that can distinguish friends from foes.

Above the turret is a digital fire control system, and the tracking radar is installed in front of it. It has a computer-operated targeting system that includes a laser rangefinder and thermal-tracking sight.

On top of the turret is a set of emergency daylight optics. An automatic loading and computerized firing control system are in the back of the vehicle.

The Type 09 also comes equipped with heating and cooling systems to protect the crew and electronics and a device to counter the impacts of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

Type 09 is equipped with a data link, an external communications system, and automatic fire detection and suppression system for sharing information with other vehicles in the brigade.