Otokar's URAL 4×4: new troop transport vehicle

With its modular design, URAL accommodates various equipment requirements and mission configurations.

Otokar is renewed with URAL, the 4×4 tactical solution

URAL is Otokar’s answer to the need for a versatile tactical solution. With its modular design, URAL accommodates various equipment requirements and mission configurations. This vehicle has proven its usefulness in various missions in Türkiye and other countries.

The new troop transport vehicle comes equipped with an open turret system, a highlight at its IDEF 2023 unveiling.

URAL is the result of Otokar ‘s innovative approach, making it a unique product in the 4×4 tactical vehicle market.

URAL 4×4, a machine of resistance and comfort

In addition to its configuration flexibility, URAL offers exceptional all-terrain performance. Its design includes a specialized chassis, permanent four-wheel drive and a robust suspension system. The addition of all-terrain tires with a run-flat system further increases its adaptability.

With a capacity of up to 10 people, URAL guarantees the safety and comfort of mission personnel, even in the most difficult conditions.

The vehicle also features a modular body design, allowing various configurations and mounting weapons and equipment required for different operations.

Otokar: Expertise and technology in armored vehicles

Otokar is a benchmark in the manufacture of military vehicles and buses, based in Sakarya, Turkey. With over 25 years in the armored vehicle industry, the company has developed sophisticated designs that meet the demands of the most challenging missions.

The launch of URAL marks a new milestone in Otokar’s career, reaffirming its commitment to innovation and excellence in the production of military vehicles.

Otokar is a subsidiary of Koc Holding, and its vehicles are used by the Turkish Armed Forces and other countries.