U.S. Marine Corps introduces novel Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL vehicle-mounted Tomahawk land-based missile launcher.

The US Marine Corps has unveiled an innovative ground-based Tomahawk missile launcher mounted on an Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL Light Tactical Vehicle with a view to increasing its ranged strike capability.

Land-based Tomahawk missile launcher unveiled in California

This mobile experimental launcher was displayed at Camp Pendleton, California, during a ceremony. Although the prototype can only carry one Tomahawk missile, there are variants in development capable of hosting two Norwegian NSM anti-ship missiles.

These remote-drive Oshkosh vehicles are equipped to operate two launchers simultaneously. The size of the Tomahawk missile container is noticeably larger compared to the Norwegian NSM model.

According to US military command sources, The Marine Corps plans for a fleet of these multi-launcher vehicles by 2030.

The range and versatility of Tomahawk missiles

Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL vehicle to launch Tomahawk missiles
Tomahawk missile via USNI.

The Tomahawk missiles, to be launched by these vehicles are known for their precision and range, being able to reach up to 1,600 kilometers. These missiles are especially fearsome given their ability to carry a wide range of warheads, including high-explosive, bunker-busting, and nuclear.

The Tomahawk’s ability to be launched from multiple platforms, such as ships, submarines, aircraft, and now these ground vehicles, makes it especially versatile. The ground-launch capability brings additional tactical advantages, including reduced missile flight time and increased missile accuracy. In addition, ground launchers can be deployed in remote or hard-to-reach areas, improving concealment capabilities and making them more difficult for the enemy to detect.

Implications of new missile launch technology

The new Tomahawk land-based missile launcher promises to be a valuable tactical tool, allowing greater flexibility in targeting and providing enhanced strike capability in a wide range of scenarios, from conventional to counter-terrorism operations.

Smaller and lighter than traditional Tomahawk missile launch systems, Oshkosh‘s LRFL launcher breakthrough can make it easier to transport via airway, further enhancing the US Marine Corp’s tactical flexibility.

The unveiling of this land-based launcher has attracted worldwide attention, with Western experts suggesting that Russia could develop similar technology in response to this US breakthrough.

The global impact and the possible Russian response

According to experts, the suspension of the fulfillment of the US obligations under the INF Treaty may have prompted the Russian defense industry to work on the development of similar weapons systems. This could lead Russia to mass-produce ground launch systems for Kalibr family cruise missiles.

Should such a development occur, there could be significant geopolitical implications, with the possibility of similar systems being deployed in Europe.

What is the Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL?

The Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL (Long Range Fires Launcher) is an experimental land mobile anti-ship launcher developed by the US Marine Corps. It is based on a light tactical remote-controlled vehicle, known as the JLTV, with a wheeled arrangement. 4×4. It is significantly smaller than other launch systems, making it easy to transport, including delivery by air.

What type of missile can the Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL launch?

The Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL is designed to launch the Tomahawk cruise missile in the Block V modification. These missiles are known for their precision and destructive power, with a range of up to 1,600 kilometers.

How many Tomahawk missiles can the mobile launcher carry?

The Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL’s mobile launcher can carry a single Tomahawk missile at a time.

What makes the Tomahawk missile dangerous?

The Tomahawk cruise missile is considered to be one of the most dangerous weapons due to its accuracy, destructive power, and range. It has advanced guidance systems that can navigate complex terrain and evade enemy defenses. In addition, it can carry a variety of warheads, including high-explosive, bunker-busting, and nuclear.

What is the advantage of launching the Tomahawk missile from the ground?

Launching the Tomahawk missile from the ground has several advantages. Ground launchers can be positioned closer to the target than ships or submarines, reducing the missile’s flight time and increasing its accuracy. In addition, they can hide in remote areas or areas that are difficult to access, making it difficult for the enemy to detect and attack them.

Is there a long-term strategy for using the Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL?

Yes, by 2030, the US Marine Corps plans to adopt a multi-battery vehicle division with Long Range Fires Launchers.

Can other countries develop systems similar to the Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL?

According to Western experts, Russia can develop similar ground-based facilities for the Kalibr family of cruise missiles in a matter of months.

Is the adaptation of Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL a response to movements in other countries?

The Arsenal de la Patria magazine suggests that the development of systems like the Oshkosh 4×4 LRFL by the Russian defense is a response to the suspension by the United States of its obligations under the INF Treaty.