The White House is studying the possibility of placing medium-range missiles on the territory of Japan, in particular hypersonic LRHW systems or a ground-based missile complex with a Tomahawk missile.

For the first time, the fact of such negotiations between the USA and Tokyo became known only on February 4, 2023. Japan agrees to place such missiles on its territory within the framework of the concept of joint confrontation against the USA.

 The island of Kushu “and other islands of the Japanese archipelago” is already mentioned as a place of probable dislocation. However, the exact place and time of deployment, the type of missile system, and the number of missiles are not yet known. This is stated in the publication of the Japanese publication Sankei Shimbun.

It is worth recalling that in November 2022, it became known that Japan was asking the United States for Tomahawk cruise missiles for its own Self-Defense Forces. At the same time, we were talking about as many as 500 missiles of this type.

Tokyo explained this request because it needs long-range weapons for a possible counterattack against China’s military bases if Beijing strikes first. 

This is all because Japan’s long-range anti-ship missile based on the Type 12 anti-ship complex will not be ready until 2026; however, such a weapon was needed literally “yesterday,” given the level of aggressive behavior of the DPRK and North Korea as its satellite.

In December 2022, it became known that in December 2022, the US armed forces received the first experimental battery of the Typhon missile complex, designed to launch, in particular, the ground version of the Tomahawk missile defense system to strike ground targets at a range of up to 1,800 km. 

The basis of the Typhon is the ground version of the Mk 41 marine anti-aircraft missile system with 4 launch cells. And the very fact of getting this complex into service meant that for the first time in 30 years, the US has medium-range missile systems at its disposal.

In December 2022, the Raytheon Corporation received a contract to produce 111 Tomahawk Block V subsonic cruise missiles for sea and land bases. The order cost is $171 million, and the production period is until the end of November 2025.

The White House is going with the option of deploying medium-range cruise missiles in Japan in order to create parity with China, which seeks to turn the entire Pacific Ocean into a continuous “no access zone.” And it seems that such a race for “missile parity” will divert part of the resources available in the USA.