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North Korea's strategic cruise missile tested in photos released in February 2023. Photo: KCNA

South Korea announced that North Korea launched a series of cruise missiles into the Yellow Sea, but the weapon parameters have not been determined.

“We discovered a series of cruise missiles launched by North Korea toward the Yellow Sea. South Korean and US intelligence officials are analyzing their parameters,” the Council said. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said.

This is North Korea’s second missile launch this year, after the first test of a long-range ballistic missile using solid fuel on January 14.

North Korea has not commented on the information.

The cruise missile launch took place while South Korea held a 10-day exercise with the content of deploying special forces to penetrate enemy territory. “The operation was to respond to the serious security situation in the area. We completed the mission of going deep and destroying targets in areas controlled by the enemy,” the exercise commander said.

Western experts believe that cruise missiles fly slower and are less powerful than ballistic missiles, making them easier to intercept, but their ability to fly low makes it easier for these weapons to hide from air defense radars. UN Security Council resolutions do not prohibit North Korea from testing long-range cruise missiles.

North Korea possesses many types of cruise missiles. The country first tested a strategic cruise missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads in September 2021.

In the most recent test in September 2023, two projectiles were launched toward the western sea of ​​the Korean peninsula and flew on a figure-8 trajectory, completing the 1,500 km journey in 7,672 and 7,681 seconds, respectively. The shells then detonated at an altitude of 150 meters above a deserted island, simulating a precise nuclear strike on an enemy target.