Roketsan, a leading player in the Turkish military industry, has developed a novel tank gun system called Modüler Zırhlı Kule (MZK), revolutionizing the field of artillery.

Bold Engineering: Roketsan and its revolutionary proposal

Roketsan presents the MZK, a modulated artillery system equipped with a 105mm cannon and an automatic loading system. Its design, in addition to being functional, has an intimidating presence on the battlefield, thanks to its explosive reactive armor that increases its protection.

This steel device also presents a greater capacity in its interior space, similar to the compartment of a mechanical colossus, prepared to house a devastating arsenal.

The MZK has been successfully integrated into the M60A3 main battle tank but is also compatible with the renowned Leopard and T-72 series, making it a practical solution for upgrading outdated military equipment to the demands of modern warfare.

Efficiency and protection: distinctive features of the MZK

Although the new MZK turret has a weight of 13 tons, its ease of manufacture and level of protection is remarkable compared to the 14.5-tonne M60A3 turret. A difference that may seem small, but it significantly impacts the battlefield.

To provide a point of comparison, the T-72’s turret weighs in at 18 tons, making it a formidable mobile barrage.

The MZK’s armor is reinforced with an armor plate designed to resist attacks from rocket-propelled grenades, configuring itself as a mobile shield capable of withstanding the most sophisticated attacks.