New development of the Russian Tor-M2 air defence system.

With the emergence of new types of air strike weapons, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, combined with the practice of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict on the battlefield, it is imminent to upgrade the modernization technology of Russia’s Tor-M2 air defense missile system.

Regarding developing the Tor-M2 air defense missile system, the general manager of the Izhevsk Dome electromechanical plant in Russia, Ziyadinov, revealed that in order to deal with various drones, cruise missiles, and rockets.

The systematic upgrade of the latest version of Tor-M2 will greatly improve the combat performance of the Tor-M2 system, effectively changing the air defense situation of the future battlefield.

The new system

Russia’s Tor air defense system is the world’s first short-range air defense missile system that integrates target search, detection and tracking, and missile launch in one combat vehicle.

The 9A331M2 tank is the main component of the latest 9K332 Tor-M2 air defense missile system model. Based on a tracked chassis, the combat vehicle has high mobility and off-road performance, can operate autonomously, and can carry out air defense tasks with any military equipment.

The combat vehicle is equipped with a turret module carrying target detection radar, friend-or-foe detection equipment, radar, and an electro-optical guidance system. Without external target designation, Tor-M2 can detect airspace conditions within a range of 32 kilometers.

The 3338K missile is an interceptor specially designed for the new “Tor-M2”. The missiles are loaded in a transport launcher with multiple vertical launch cells. The 9A331M2 combat module holds 16 missiles and is reloaded by means of a crane on a transport loader. The 3338K missile is equipped with a radio command system.

The radar has 4 control channels. With the help of the solid fuel engine, the interceptor’s speed can reach 1000 m/s, the launch distance can reach 12 kilometers, and the killing height can reach 10 kilometers. The longitudinal overload of the new interceptor bomb can reach 30G, ensuring that the incoming target can be destroyed with 10-12G overload. 3 people operate each tank.

The driver controls the chassis, and the operator and the commanding officer are responsible for the combat use of the air defense system. The transition of the new system from the marching state to the combat state takes no more than 3 minutes.

The new direction

9K332 Tor-M2 is the latest member of the Russian Army’s air defense force’s “Tor” family. Due to the adoption of a series of new systems, including upgraded interceptors, it has significant advantages compared to other systems in the Doyle family. Advantage.

Ziadinov said that the modernization and upgrading of the Tor-M2 system have continued, and the new Tor-M2 air defense system will effectively strike various new airstrike targets. Specialists of the “Dome” research institute assessed the combat capabilities of the new system and performed mathematical modeling of various data on its combat work, including prospect targets.

Where feasible, calculations are practically verified, followed by an evaluation of actual results. Ziadinov outlined the main path and direction of the development of “Tor-M2”.

The technical solutions adopted by the new system will greatly improve the combat performance of detecting small air targets, and the degree of automation will be significantly improved. All major combat processes will be carried out in almost no time. It is done automatically with operator involvement.

The New Mission

New development of the Russian Tor-M2 air defence system.

9K332 “Tor-M2” air defense missile system is designed to attack low-altitude fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, drones, cruise missiles, and air-to-surface missiles threatening ground forces. During state tests and numerous exercises, the “Tor-M2” system repeatedly proved effective against all intended targets.

Since 2015, the “Tor-M2” air defense system has participated in defense of Russia’s Khmeimim Air Force Base in Syria and has successfully intercepted drones and other air targets many times.

Drones and rockets have been the main targets of Russian air defense systems since the Donbas special military operation in February 2022. The Ukrainian Army has used many drones and loitering missiles to provide a strong military capability at a relatively low cost.

However, a large number of 9K332 “Tor-M2” system interceptors that carry out field air defense missions have shown high combat efficiency and provided strong support for the Russian military deployment. Russian military expert Korotchenko said that Russia’s “Dor-M2” system is currently the most effective defensive weapon against drones.

New development of the Russian Tor-M2 air defence system.

Russia has continuously upgraded the “Tor” short-range air defense missile system in the past three decades. In the process of combat use and production, technology has continued to break through, and all tactical and technical performances of the system have been effectively improved.

The “Tor-M2” air defense system occupies an important position in the Russian air defense system. It has been proved in actual combat that it can effectively provide accompanying field air defense for the Army’s mechanized troops.

The modernized and upgraded new “Tor-M2” air defense missile system will form a complete field air defense interception network in the airspace together with the “Beech” and “Armor” air defense systems, effectively enhancing the combat capability of the Russian air defense system against various unmanned aerial vehicles.